10 Strategies to Win Friends and Influence People


Why is it that some assistants always make things happen? They seem to easily get a “yes.” How is it that some executive assistants get other administrative peers to take immediate action, get their executive on a calendar, assist during chaotic times, and create powerful relationships?

It boils down to building rapport and connecting with their administrative community. When I was an executive assistant for 20 years before starting Office Dynamics in 1990, I worked with all levels of assistants. Before I rose to the level of being an executive assistant to a CEO, I always connected with assistants where I worked no matter their title or level. I was not afraid to say hello and ask the senior executive assistants to lunch. I was always nice to the newly employed assistant. Then, when I became the executive assistant to the CEO, I was friendly and approachable to all my administrative peers. You must have strategies to win friends and influence people in an authentic and organic way.

There is power in building great relationships and networking with the assistants in your organization. Here are the secrets of superstar assistants. Use this as a checklist to see how well you are doing at building relationships with your administrative peers.

Assess yourself at the following strategies to win friends and influence people:

  1. Take ownership of problem situations.
  2. Think rationally and act professionally.
  3. Know the history of my company, how it has grown, and key players involved.
  4. See beyond my own work area; see the big picture.
  5. Let others I support see I am dependable and loyal.
  6. Appreciate other administrative peers’ unique personalities.
  7. Recognize and accept that other executive and administrative assistants have different work-styles than mine, and that’s okay.
  8. Offer criticism to my peers in a way that is non-threatening and non-offensive.
  9. Mix it up and have lunch with various administrative assistants in my company instead of my core group.
  10. Watch out for hidden anger and resentment as barriers to developing strong relationships with my peers.

So how did you do? Well, it’s not too late to connect and create awesome relationships. Remember, you are on the same team!

What is one unique thing you have done to build rapport with your administrative peers?

Share in the comments below.


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