4 Habits of the Empowered Assistant

4 Habits of the Empowered Assistant

Empowerment is a process; a path and a journey. It is a multi-dimensional process that fosters influential impact when we understand it. Being empowered presupposes some level of common sense and emotional maturity. Have you ever considered how you feel about your own personal power? What is empowerment and what habits can be developed that build confidence in own empowerment? This session will focus on four habits that often are uncomfortable and challenging for assistants: Negotiation, Risk, Conflict, and Competition.

In this deep-dive learning session attendees will discover:

  • Why these four habits are the keys to administrative influence
  • Indicators of personal empowerment
  • Strategies for successfully applying them with confidence
  • How to tap into the benefits of self-awareness to identify patterns that inhibit effective negotiation skills
  • Why assistants need to embrace risk; what risks should assistants be taking?
  • When conflict is healthy and how to manage conflict effectively
  • Benefits of competition and the theory of practicing an “abundance mentality

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