Change is Constant . . . Walk Through It


By Wende Morrow

Wende Morrow has been a C-Suite Executive Assistant for 32 years (20 of that legal). Wende’s current title is Senior Executive Assistant of R&R Partners, directly reporting to CEO Billy Vassiliadis.

As I reflect on the many things from the Office Dynamics 24th Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence and the beloved Office Dynamics Webinars I’ve watched, the most common thread that sings to me the loudest both personally and professionally is CHANGE and how to deal with it.  Not many people really talk deeply and honestly thru the realities of all of that on a personal, female level.

I love that Joan Burge and Courtney Clark (2017 Office Dynamics Conference speaker) in particular, have taken the time to share their raw truth of experiences on change.  To talk about how to deal with it; be with it; talk and walk with it; walk THROUGH it; get up and OVER it (versus UNDER it).  Some of my most cherished relatable experiences are in Joan’s Give Yourself Permission to Live a Big Life book.  I am forever grateful that these brave women have shared their personal losses and triumphs to the world for us to lean into again and again.  As we all know too well, change is all too often huge, unexpected and most assuredly CONSTANT, never completely easy and seamless and discriminates to no one.

This past August I turned 50.  I am learning that change and disappointment at every age has its own challenges, but I am forever on the quest of kaizen (Japanese term for continuous improvement) to take the sting out of it and to make it a positive fruitful journey at every turn, no matter how daunting the roadmap looks at the beginning.

Along the lines of accepting change and making it your friend versus foe, I wanted to share a most splendid quote.

“If the door closes, quit banging on it! Whatever was behind it, wasn’t meant for you.  Consider the fact that maybe the door was closed because you were worth so much more than what was on the other side.”  ~ Anon

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