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Office Dynamics launched a new idea for their Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence in 2017—Conference Ambassadors! We believe having assistants who have intimately experienced the Office Dynamics conferences and are well connected to the Office Dynamics team will positively impact the experience of new attendees and enhance the experience for long-standing attendees.

2018 Conference Ambassadors

Role of Our Conference Ambassadors

The role of the Office Dynamics Ambassadors is to:

  • Help first-time attendees get the “lay of the land”
  • Answer questions first timers might have during the event
  • Assure attendees are having a wonderful time at the conference
  • Make each attendee feel like they are part of the Office Dynamics family
  • Answer questions attendees may have regarding Office Dynamics’ training programs or services
  • Introduce attendees to other attendees

Be sure to keep your eyes open for our Ambassadors at the Conference in October at the Red Rock Resort as they are very eager to help you have a wonderful experience.

How to Become a Conference Ambassador

You might be wondering how you can become an Office Dynamics Conference Ambassador at a future conference. Since this is a very special role whereby an individual must inspire our conference attendees and be familiar with the flow of our conference, we look for the following:

  • Attended an Office Dynamics Conference 3 or more times
  • Be intimately familiar with Office Dynamics brand, mission, and values
  • Experience with Office Dynamics training, webinars, or online courses
  • Outgoing, personable and enthusiastic
  • Professional in actions, speech, and appearance
  • Eagerness to assist others

Benefits of Being a Conference Ambassador

  • Increased networking with people you do not know
  • Add to your credentials on your resume, LinkedIn profile, and in your Career Portfolio
  • Develop the following skills: leadership, interpersonal, communication and presenting your personal brand
  • Opportunity to be a role model to other assistants
  • Take your Office Dynamics Conference experience to an entirely new level
  • Closely work with Joan Burge and the Office Dynamics team on making this an awesome event!

Note: Conference Ambassadors are responsible for paying their own registration fee and travel.

If you would like to be considered to be a Conference Ambassador, please write Melia Amira at with your interest. Thank you.

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