Reanette Fillmer
Reanette Fillmer
Speaker and Leadership Coach for Women and HR Expert

Reanette Fillmer is an entrepreneur, coach, trainer, and speaker.  Reanette has held public office, has been a Human Resources Executive for over 30 years, and is a certified coach for the John Maxwell Team amongst other things like being a dog mom, stepmom, and wife.

All these things are just titles.  What qualifies Reanette to add value to you today is her experiences in those positions and years of the inside perspective of leadership and a desire to live a life of continuous growth.  In the roles that she has played in various jobs and/or life, she shares her commitment to create, launch and transform leaders.  If we create our values, launch ourselves, and transform our future we can become the leaders that we want to be, we can be the voice that matters. 

Self-value, confidence, and understanding the voices in the room that add value is pivotal in the workplace.  Leaders often miss this, and today Reanette will share with you how you can lead in any role and how to build confidence in yourselves and have others have confidence that they will hear your voice in a loud room. 

Launching your Confidence – Finding your voice matters.
Date & Time: TBD

We have to build our confidence to be heard, be valued, and understand our voice matters whoever the audience. All roles are leadership roles, from the entry-level employee to the CEO, we all lead and we all participate in the company results and bottom line. How we present the information, how we lead the culture, and how we share our voice matters.

Finding your assertive voice, and the transition can be a challenge. In my keynote presentation, I share my story and how to build your confidence to be an assertive voice.  You will learn how: 

  • To make your opinion matter and to be a part of the conversation.
  • Your confidence builds as you find your voice.
  • To provide your input without intimidation or aggressiveness.
  • To make sure you are heard today, tomorrow, and in the future.
  • Women and men are viewed differently with their voice.
  • Men and women can learn and value each other’s voice and opinion.

Go from sitting in a meeting and saying nothing because you feel that you have a “place” from being a voice that is valued and appreciated to changing your place and your voice. This session will allow you to start building a confident voice today.