Staring Down Your Goliath

Staring Down Your Goliath

Most likely you know the story of David and Goliath. David, an ordinary young teenager, did not consider the giant Goliath as being more powerful. With just a stone and a slingshot, he conquered Goliath.

We all have a Goliath. Your Goliath could be the fear of going back to school; excelling in your career; having an uncomfortable but necessary conversation with your leader. Your Goliath could be juggling work and home life; taking on a massive, new project at work.  Maybe your Goliath is introducing yourself to conference participants and getting to know them. What is your Goliath? Or who is your Goliath?

A person will not feel empowered in areas where they give power to their Goliath. The negative effects will be drained energy, increased stress, and limited productivity. In this session, you will learn . . .

  • Strategies to use when feeling powerless.
  • Manage your “Goliath.”
  • The influence your thinking has in feeling empowered.
  • Specifically, clarify your fear.
  • Prepare your parachute before jumping into what you fear.
  • Focus on opportunity.

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