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Office Dynamics International
Inspiring Administrative Excellence Since 1990

The Annual Conference For Administrative Excellence


An event of distinction that inspires career growth and personal development.


In a uniquely engaging atmosphere, develop confidence, and reach new levels of self-leadership.


With fellow high achievers, build meaningful relationships, and expand your network.

Now on its 26th year, the Conference for Administrative Excellence is one of the most sought-after conferences for administrative professionals and executive assistants from around the world. The conference’s unique format combines compelling speakers, interactive programs, and a welcoming environment that fosters effective learning as well as strong bonds and camaraderie.

This annual conference was conceived and developed by industry pioneer Joan Burge, an accomplished author, speaker, consultant and corporate trainer.  Dedicating herself to igniting excellence among administrative professionals, she founded Office Dynamics International (ODI) in 1990, after working in the administrative profession for 20 years. Now renowned as a global industry leader, ODI offers a broad range of solutions in executive and administrative assistant training and coaching.