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About Our 2020 Theme

What will the future look like for the administrative professional? How will their titles be impacted? What skills will assistants need to thrive? How will administrative roles change? How will assistants support leaders whose roles are changing every day? Should assistants enlist career coaches? How should assistants market their diverse skills? How can administrative assistants help move their profession forward in their organization?


We know you wear numerous hats ranging from air traffic controller to office concierge, personal assistant, information flow manager, project manager, event planner, sounding board and manager of your executive’s life. We also know that you are doing more with less, supporting multiple people, figuring out how to navigate in this high-tech world, seeking help with your career, and wanting to contribute to the management team.


Attending the Office Dynamics 2020 Conference for Administrative Excellence will put you in touch with the latest about your profession and help you explore the possibilities available to you. Being prepared for upcoming changes and learning to color outside the lines are integral in staying relevant and boosting your career.


Office Dynamics will bring together some of the brightest minds in the industry, spotlighting already-very-successful companies in the country that are advancing the administrative profession.

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For the first time in the history of The Conference for Administrative Excellence, you can attend the conference virtually from anywhere in the world!

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