Live Event! 5 Pillars Huddle Activity & Celebrating You Announcement

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The 5 Pillars of a BIG Life

Following a great networking lunch, we met again in the ballroom for the 5 Pillars Huddle activity.

Attendees got the opportunity to experience doing a Pillar Huddle around their table with their table mates.

The Huddles were a great activity. Each table selected a Huddle Leader. Then the Huddle Leader selected the Huddle Topic from the list provided. The Leader shared and provided personal insights; afterwards, each participant had an opportunity to add comments or additional information.

At my table, we talked about:

How to Represent Yourself:

  • Offer solutions not problems.

  • Get to the point within 1 minute.

  • Don’t waste time.

  • Use a month to month and weekly calendar.

  • Prioritize the top 5 things.

  • Ask questions. 

  • Add clarity.

  • What is most urgent?

  • Who should get in to see them this week?

  • Who is he/she waiting to get back to them about something?

  • What questions do you the admin need to ask? Ask open questions

At my table, one person said she and her assistant have what they call “morning prayers” where they meet briefly to discuss what is the focus for today. Within two hours of the meeting, the admin sends the manager a summary of the discussion. 

We also had another Celebrating You! Award, and this one was to Casandra Fey. Congratulations, Cassandra! Way to go! 

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