Elite Assistant Certification Course for Executive Assistants

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Elite Assistant Certification™

A One-Day In-Person Immersive Masterclass
October 8, 2024 | Red Rock Resort | Las Vegas, NV

Less Than 10 Seats Left!

Elite Assistant Certification for Executive Assistants

Embark on a transformative journey of professional excellence with the Elite Assistant Certification™—a premier, one-day, immersive training designed exclusively for ambitious executive and administrative assistants eager to elevate their capabilities.

This certification is not just a workshop; it’s a crucible of growth, meticulously curated to challenge and expand your skill set. Spearheaded by two luminary trainers boasting over 40 years of trailblazing experience, the program represents the fusion of expertise, where seasoned knowledge meets practical application, empowering you to excel in your role as an elite assistant.

As you step into the serene sanctuary of our training venue, you’ll be enveloped by the inspiring embrace of a round room, with majestic windows that stretch from floor to ceiling, ushering in the dance of daylight and the serene mountain scape beyond. In this intimate environment, you’ll connect with peers and mentors alike, cultivating a network of professionals who are as dedicated as you are to mastering their craft.

The Elite Assistant Certification™ is crafted to be a hands-on, “roll-up-your-sleeves” experience. You’ll dive deep into advanced administrative strategies and innovative methodologies that are reshaping the industry. At the heart of the Elite Assistant Certification lies a core focus on cultivating power skills that will distinguish you as an irreplaceable asset.

Delve into advanced strategic thinking and problem-solving techniques that will empower you to anticipate needs, craft innovative solutions, and drive key business initiatives with visionary foresight. This is where the essence of your role evolves—from an assistant to a strategic partner.

Maximize your conference experience in Las Vegas by adding the Elite Assistant Certification™ to your itinerary. Seize this unique opportunity to get certified and elevate your professional skills with our one-day, expert-led course, held the day before the conference begins.

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Our comprehensive brochure provides an inside look into the course structure, curriculum, benefits, and the instructors of the program.

Meet Your Trainers

Lias Olsen

Lisa Olsen

Senior Executive Assistant | Conference Speaker | Professional Development Specialist


Peggy Vasquez

International Speaker | Empowerment Coach | Best Selling Author

Interactive Learning

This fast-paced masterclass defies the traditional sit-and-listen seminar model, inviting you instead to engage actively with the content and your peers. Through a series of thought-provoking exercises, collaborative discussions, and real-world scenario analyses, you will be an integral part of a vigorous educational experience. Prepare to be immersed in a vibrant atmosphere where every moment is an opportunity for growth and every interaction is a step towards your transformation into an elite assistant.

Course Materials

Participants will be equipped with an extensive, meticulously curated handout that serves as a tangible guide to the wealth of knowledge shared during the session. This indispensable compendium is packed with insights, frameworks, and actionable strategies, ensuring that the value of the masterclass extends far beyond the confines of a single day.

It’s not just a document; it’s a roadmap to excellence, a rich resource to continually reference as you apply and expand upon your newly honed power skills.

Course Curriculum and Learning Outcomes

Developing the Leadership Mindset

Morning Session, Taught by Lisa Olsen

The day will kick off with Peggy and Lisa explaining the theme for this certification—developing a leadership mindset. We will explore the following three questions throughout the course material, setting up the tone of the event:

What does a “leadership mindset” look like?

What are the EA characteristics of a leadership mindset?

What habits do EAs need to develop to build their leadership mindset?

Strategic communication is crucial for credibility, influence, and professional distinction. In this part of the course, Lisa will teach the key points of strategic communication:

  • The benefits of strategic communication.
  • Understanding the factors related to a strategic executive voice.
  • How effective communication is a critical element of professionalism.

Overview of the communication process, focusing on the value and impact of words and actions. Communication is more than just “telling.” We will also explore three key questions in this section:

  • Are my words/actions adding value?
  • Are people showing interest?
  • Is there a 2-way exchange?

Evaluate and discuss the primary characteristics of strategic communication, including verbal, vocal, and visual aspects, and the importance of body language.

There are nine detrimental communication habits to avoid, as they can impede influence and effectiveness in your role. Examples include avoiding difficult conversations, reacting instead of responding, assuming you are understood, and lack of attention to tone.

Brevity in communication should be emphasized for clarity and impact. Through a dedicated quiz, course participants are guided on how to be concise and improve the quality of their communication.

Learning the art of giving and receiving constructive feedback is essential for assistants. This module will be supported by practical case studies and reviewed in depth to assess the application of insights for each participant.

  1. Recognize the Value of Communicating Strategically: Attendees will gain a practical understanding of high-level strategic communication and identify areas in their own communication that might need refinement and development.
  2. Dynamics of Strategic Communication: Attendees will gain tools to improve their communication through self-awareness, active listening, and the elements of the primary communication characteristics.
  3. Communication Pitfalls: The session will include nine specific habits that inhibit effective communication and influence potential. Attendees will be able to do a self-assessment to determine what areas they need to refine.
  4. Clarity and Conciseness: Attendees will learn the tools for practicing brevity and more “elegant” communication. This essential skill elevates professionalism and credibility.
  5. Leadership Potential: Attendees will understand the connection between strategic communication, executive presence, and leadership potential.

Introduction to Critical Thinking and Strategy

Afternoon Session, Taught by Peggy Vasquez

This section explores critical thinking, focusing on defining, questioning, and evaluating information. Through means such as analysis and interpretation, participants will assess their ability to foresee potential outcomes and plan for them. This module includes:

Key Strategies and Steps:
Peggy breaks down the key strategies for critical thinking: analysis, interpretation, inference, explanation, and evaluation, as well as the steps involved in strategic thinking: setting goals, analyzing options, and decision-making.

Critical Questioning Brain Teasers:
Engaging brain teasers designed to challenge critical thinking skills, paired with group discussions.

Problem Solving and Strategic Support:
Techniques for effective problem-solving brainstorming to understand how to provide strategic support to executives and teams.

Adding diverse value in meetings, relationship management, and emotional intelligence is vital for strategic partnerships. This module incorporates group activities, role-playing exercises, and an emotional intelligence exercise to explore the following topics:

  • Diverse Value Addition in Meetings
  • Relationship Management and Emotional Intelligence
  • Building Trust and Collaboration

Self-leadership is the practice of intentionally influencing your thinking, behavior, and actions towards your objectives. It is underpinned by self-awareness, self-regulation, and motivation, enabling an individual to conduct self-assessments through tools like personality tests and strength identification. This section emphasizes the importance of understanding self-leadership, which involves self-awareness and self-regulation and is supported by self-assessment tools.

  1. Heightened Critical Thinking Skills: Participants will effectively apply critical questioning and strategic thinking techniques, analyzing situations to make informed decisions and solve problems with heightened clarity and depth.
  2. Confident Executive Communication: Attendees will demonstrate enhanced executive presence through confident verbal and non-verbal communication, effectively utilizing body language, tone, and concise messaging both in-person and virtually.
  3. Increased Value in Professional Settings: Participants will acquire diversified skills beyond traditional assistant roles, adding value in meetings through insightful contributions, relationship management, emotional intelligence, and fostering collaboration within teams.
  4. Empowered Self-Leadership: Attendees will cultivate self-leadership practices, embracing failure as a learning opportunity and leveraging self-influence to drive personal growth and positively impact team dynamics.


Check in for Registered Attendees

8:00 – 8:30 am

Welcome and Opening Activity with Lisa & Peggy

8:30 – 9:00 am

Session facilitated by Lisa Olsen

9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Lunch (on your own)

12:00 – 1:00 pm

Session facilitated by Peggy Vasquez

1:00 – 4:00 pm

Wrap Up and Certificate Presentation

4:00 – 4:30 pm

*Session times are in Pacific Time.

There will be a 10-minute break in the morning and a 10-minute break in the afternoon. Feel free to grab a Starbucks (in the hotel) to bring to class. The meeting room will have water stations set up.

Less Than 10 Seats Left!

Secure your spot today in the Elite Assistant Certification™ program and propel your career to unprecedented heights.

You have the option to attend both the Conference and Elite Assistant Certification as a combined experience or choose to participate only in the Elite Assistant Certification Course.

In-Person + Elite Certification

October 8 -11, 2024
$ 2,590
  • Access to All Sessions
  • Access to Elite Assistant Certification Course
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks
  • Social Fusion Mixer
  • Joan Burge Gala
  • Conference & Elite Certification Workbooks
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • 1.7 CEUs
  • Elite Assistant Certificate
  • .6 CEUs

Elite Certification

October 8, 2024
$ 695
  • Access to Elite Assistant Certification Course
  • Elite Certification Workbook
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Elite Assistant Certificate
  • .6 CEUs

Certification Benefits

Unlock a World of Professional Opportunities with
Elite Assistant Certification™

Embarking on the Elite Assistant Certification™ journey offers a multitude of benefits, each designed to propel your career to new heights and solidify your standing as a top-tier administrative professional. Here’s how this certification can be a game-changer for your career:

Career Advancement:

The Elite Assistant Certification™ serves as a powerful catalyst for career growth. By mastering advanced administrative strategies and innovative methodologies, you position yourself as a prime candidate for promotions and more prestigious roles. This certification is a testament to your commitment and expertise, making you a standout in the competitive job market.

Skill Recognition:

Upon completion, you’ll receive a certification that’s not just a piece of paper but a symbol of excellence in the administrative field. This recognition validates your skills and knowledge, setting you apart from your peers. It’s a tangible proof of your dedication to continuous learning and professional development.

Enhanced Credibility:

Holding this certification enhances your professional credibility, showcasing your expertise to employers, colleagues, and clients. It reflects your ability to keep pace with the evolving demands of the executive support role, ensuring that you’re not just meeting but exceeding industry standards.

Networking and Collaboration:

Participants of this program join an elite network of professionals, fostering opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, and professional growth. This network becomes a valuable resource, offering support and opportunities long after the certification program concludes.

Strategic Partner Transformation:

This certification elevates your role from an assistant to a strategic partner. You’ll learn to anticipate needs, provide innovative solutions, and contribute to key business initiatives. This shift in role and perspective is essential for thriving in today’s dynamic business environment.

Personal Brand Enhancement:

Holding the Elite Assistant Certification™ adds a prestigious edge to your personal brand. It communicates a message of excellence, commitment, and professional integrity, making you a sought-after asset in any administrative or executive support role.

By investing in the Elite Assistant Certification™, you’re not just enhancing your resume; you’re opening doors to new possibilities and setting the stage for a future rich with opportunities and achievements.


This fast-paced masterclass defies the traditional sit-and-listen seminar model, inviting you instead to engage actively with the content and your peers. Through a series of thought-provoking exercises, collaborative discussions, and real-world scenario analyses, you will be an integral part of a vigorous educational experience. Prepare to be immersed in a vibrant atmosphere where every moment is an opportunity for growth and every interaction is a step towards your transformation into an elite assistant.

No. You may sign up and attend the Elite Assistant Certification Course without attending the conference.

Executive Assistants, Administrative Assistants, Chief of Staff, Executive Secretary, or any administrative or strategic support individual who is aspiring to perform at the top of their game.

One-Day Certification: Rather than studying books and watching videos for months, an individual can achieve this certification in one day of intensive, hands-on training.

Created By Administrative Training Pioneer: This certification is the brainchild of Joan Burge, an administrative training and education pioneer since 1990.

Created From 40+ Years Of Experience: The content has been developed and will be taught by two exceptional facilitators, Lisa Olsen, and Peggy Vasquez, with more than 40 years of combined experience in the executive and administrative assistant arena, who bring a wealth of knowledge and practical skills to the program.

Tailored To The Modern Professional: Our course is tailored to the modern professional, blending proven techniques with contemporary concepts. We aim to elevate participants to an elite status in their field, equipping them with cutting-edge knowledge and techniques.

Hosted By The Industry Leader: This course is being hosted by Office Dynamics International, the leader in the development and creation of sophisticated training programs for administrative professionals around the world.

An Energizing, Hands-On Experience: The course has been crafted to keep you engaged and filled with interactive activities so you can put into practice all you are learning. Plus, you will have lots of fun!

Interactive Learning: This fast-paced masterclass defies the traditional sit-and-listen seminar model, inviting you instead to engage actively with the content and your peers. Through a series of thought-provoking exercises, collaborative discussions, and real-world scenario analyses, you will be an integral part of a vigorous educational experience. Prepare to be immersed in a vibrant atmosphere where every moment is an opportunity for growth and every interaction is a step towards your transformation into an elite assistant.

Each attendee will receive a course workbook. You may want to bring a writing pad or journal to take your own notes. Laptops are not permitted as they can be distracting to other attendees and the facilitators.

Individuals who complete the entire day course will receive .6 CEUs.

The course fee includes an array of valuable resources and benefits:

  • A contemporary, expertly crafted course workbook, designed to enhance your learning experience.
  • A Certificate of Completion, acknowledging your participation and achievement.
  • A one-hour lunch break for attendees. While lunch is not provided, you will have the opportunity to explore and enjoy a variety of dining options, ranging from fast food to full-service restaurants, located within the Red Rock Resort.
  • Training led by world-renowned experts in the field, offering a unique opportunity to learn from the best and gain insights from their extensive knowledge and experience. This is a chance to absorb wisdom from top authorities, ensuring a rich and invaluable educational experience.

Should you be unable to attend the Elite Assistant Certification Course for any reason, a full refund, less a $200 cancellation fee, will be issued if we receive notice in writing by August 1, 2024. After August 1, 2024, all the Elite Assistant Certification registrations and no-shows are subject to the full fee.

A company may substitute one attendee for another by notifying Melia Amira in writing at [email protected], no later than 30 days before the event.

Should the Elite Assistant Certification Course need to be rescheduled due to acts of nature or national disasters, it will be rescheduled, not canceled. Attendees can send a substitute if they cannot attend the rescheduled date.

This policy is for the Elite Certification Course only. You may read the conference cancellation policy here.

Attendees will be awarded a beautifully-printed Certificate of Completion at the end of the day. To receive this certificate, it is essential to attend the entire one-day course and actively participate in all learner activities. This ensures a full and enriching educational experience, leading to this notable recognition of your commitment and engagement.

Elite Assistant Certification Certificate


We have secured a room block at the Red Rock Resort and Casino. You may book your room at the discounted rate here. Rooms in our block will sell out, so don’t wait.

Lisa Olsen

Lisa Olsen

Conference Emcee | Office Dynamics Certified Trainer | Co-Owner Admin To Admin |
Professional Development Trainer | Speaker

Lisa advocates continuous learning and encourages administrative professionals to expand their potential, take initiative, and practice being “relationship engineers.” An enthusiastic and sought-after international speaker, her presentation style is engaging, educational, and motivational.

Her successful career as a senior executive assistant, administrative manager, and educator spans over 30+ years. She is an experienced professional development workshop facilitator and engaging conference speaker. Her passion is to help elevate the administrative career and share her knowledge and experience to help others recognize their potential and build empowered confidence in their administrative roles.

She has been a repeat keynote and concurrent session speaker at the following professional conferences:

  • Office Dynamics Conference
  • Executive Secretary Live Conferences
  • IAAP International Forum
  • Professional Business Women’s Conference (PBWC)
  • Central CA Women’s Conference (CCWC)
  • Admin Pro Forum
  • Administrative Professionals Conference (Canada and U.S.)
  • Executive Leadership Forums

Since earning her Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership in 2018, she has continued to support education and opportunities for professional development. As an adjunct faculty member at Ensign College in Salt Lake City, Utah, she teaches courses on Business Communication and Leadership Principles.

She is a Certified World Class Assistant and is certified to teach the Star Achievement Series® and World Class programs through Office Dynamics presenting them both in Las Vegas and virtually for over 15 years. She was one of the original members of the Advisory Council for the Administrative Professionals Conferences, serving two years to assist in conference educational planning and session content.

Her administrative career includes work in the healthcare and engineering industries, partnering with CEOs and senior executives, as well as the public sector, where she supported the CEO of the Sacramento Area Council of Governments. She has experience as a Community Board Coordinator, Administrative Manager and Human Resource Generalist.

Currently, she is a Senior Executive Assistant on the Executive Leadership Team at Intermountain Health in Salt Lake City, Utah, providing strategic support and partnership to the President of the Intermountain Health Foundation.


Peggy Vasquez

International Speaker | Empowerment Coach | Best Selling Author

Peggy Vasquez is a dynamic force in the realm of Administrative Professionals, Managers, Human Resources, and Conference Planning. She specializes in coaching and training administrative professionals, focusing on enhancing communication, partnerships, and professionalism. Her expertise aims to bolster earnings, productivity, and job satisfaction.

An inspirational speaker, best-selling author, and empowerment coach, Peggy commenced her career as a receptionist and ascended to the role of Chief Executive Assistant. She uses her experience to mentor, coach, and empower others to succeed. Peggy is the esteemed author of three books: NOT Just An Admin, Mean Girl No More, and The Roadmap to Empowering You.

Peggy’s core mission is to empower others to achieve success. She accomplishes this by delivering keynotes and workshops worldwide. Drawing from her rich experiences, she shares her triumphs and challenges, providing practical insights and inspiration. Her ultimate aim is to guide individuals in their career paths, ensuring they leave her sessions motivated and more aware of their intrinsic value to their organizations.

Her extensive community involvement includes roles such as Past President of Women Helping Women and Founder and Past President of the Administrative Professionals of Tri-Cities. Furthermore, Peggy contributes as a board member to various nonprofit organizations.

Her accolades and certifications are noteworthy:

  • Certified Situational Leadership Trainer
  • Certified World Class Assistant Trainer
  • Recipient of the Athena Leadership Award in 2020
  • Honored as the Girl Scouts of America Woman of Distinction in 2021
  • Recipient of the I am Women Helping Women Award in 2023
Office Dynamics International
5575 S. Durango Dr. Ste. 106
Las Vegas, NV 89113


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Priscilla Pfeiffer

Priscilla Pfeiffer

Speaker | Entertainer | Trainer | TEDx Speaker

You Don’t Matter, Or Do You?

In today’s fast-paced business world, the role of administrative and executive assistants is more crucial than ever in driving innovation and positive change within organizations. However, a common pitfall is that many organizations dive headfirst into radical change without first understanding the heart of the people responsible for implementing it. This dynamic keynote, which includes mesmerizing entertainment elements, will shine a light on the transformative power of seemingly insignificant actions, inspiring you to take the first step towards positioning yourself as a key catalyst to SPARK success.

In this session, you will…

  • Discover how small, intentional actions can have a ripple effect. 
  • Gain strategies for positioning yourself for success within your teams and organizations.
  • Feel empowered to become a catalyst for positive change within your respective spheres, without the burnout.
  • Be inspired to initiate bold actions that can lead to significant personal and professional growth.

Priscilla Pfeiffer, a seasoned professional, boasts a two-decade career in entertainment and business. Her unique show business background allows her to craft mesmerizing performances, leaving enduring memories. Focused on delivering resonant and empowering messages that inspire audiences to make an impact in the world, she illuminates individuals to unlock their full potential in both personal and professional lives.

Renowned for creating “wow factor” moments, Priscilla has an esteemed clientele, including brands like BMW, LinkedIn, iHeart Radio, Michael Jordan’s Air Jordans, Pfizer, Bacardi, Cosmo Latina Magazine, and Zappos. Her impressive credits include sharing the stage with Joan Jett, Will-i-am, Pitbull, Enrique Iglesias, and Marc Anthony, as well as performances on America’s Got Talent, The Latin Grammy Awards, The NHL Awards, Comic Relief, and Celebrity Cruises. Priscilla has also graced the prestigious TEDx stage, where she delivered a compelling talk that resonated with audiences, showcasing her ability to captivate and inspire on a global platform.

In addition, Priscilla hosts the podcast “Spark Your Inner Fire” which delves into the creative mind, torching the inner critic, and reigniting purpose. Through interviews with world-renowned creatives, she shares stories and wisdom, illuminating listeners on their journeys.

In essence, Priscilla Pfeiffer is not only a veteran but a trailblazer whose performances consistently inspire, motivate, and create lasting impressions.