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Why Send Your Administrative Team to Our Administrative Conference

It’s Important for Your Administrative Team to Grow Together

As organizations watch expenditures, they sometimes hesitate to send several administrative professionals from their company to a single conference. Or the organization does not like several assistants to be away from the office at once.

Sending several assistants from your company can have a big payoff for everyone: the management team, organization, and other administrators. It will actually amplify what has been learned or could be learned from the in-person conference, infusing the new practices, enhanced competencies and a positive boost back at the desk. Stronger bonds are established between the attendees, and new habits are planted, taking root.

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Consider these reasons as you determine to break old theories and venture into the idea of Strength in Unity.

  1. When your group returns to the office, they can reinforce their learning by holding monthly or bi-monthly sessions.
  2. Revisit the concepts heard from the speakers and discuss progress on implementation.
  3. Expand on the conference topics and/or ideas by introducing fresh resources, tips and concepts your group has discovered together.
  4. Create action plans from the information gained at the conference and hold each other accountable for change.
  5. Your group will have ample opportunity to bond with each other. This is important for creating synergy among your assistants. Rarely do assistants have time to go to lunch, take a break or get together with their peers. Yet it is imperative for assistants to bond just as their executives and managers bond through staff meetings, off-site retreats, and annual meetings.
  6. Your group will be able to hear all the concurrent sessions since we maintain a practice of offering limited concurrent sessions. This is of great value. Your group can separate into smaller numbers and make sure every concurrent session is attended. Then when they get back to the office, hold a lunch and learn and share what each attendee learned at each session, especially any aha! moments.
  7. Several of your organization’s administrative professionals are hearing the same message. This is far more effective than each assistant going in his or her own direction attending various events. There is power when everyone hears the same message. You can reinforce the concepts with each other and you will “speak the same language.”
  8. Each attendee can report on a different aspect of the conference whether to the management team or other assistants demonstrating their ROI.
  9. Builds stronger career relationships, which are critically important for administrative assistants who rely on each other every day for references, best practices and who to go to when they need help as their network of influence.
  10. Think “BIG” together. Joan Burge always challenges assistants to think BIG and BOLD principles. Sometimes this is intimidating to an individual but as a group, a person is more inclined to step out and let their talents shine or take risks that lead to better outcomes.
  11. Stimulates creativity because the team members can “feed” from each other’s ideas. This always leads to better solutions.
  12. Fosters collaboration which leads to cooperation. There is strength in unity that allows for a greater chance of streamlining processes that can impact the bottom line.

Teams: To get the most out of this Event

  1. Map out a strategy. Hold a meeting or two before you attend the conference. Review the Agenda and decide who will attend which Concurrent Session.
  2. Make time during the conference to meet for short periods and discuss what you have learned up until that point.
  3. When you meet someone new at the conference, be sure to introduce them to your peers.
  4. Make sure everyone captures notes while listening to the Keynote speakers. They have incredibly awesome information. Then share what everyone wrote and fill in the gaps.
  5. Set aside a little time for fun and getting to know each other on a personal level. This increases your rapport when working in the office.
  6. Don’t let diversity stand in your way. Seek the strengths and positive points in each person who will be attending our Event from your team.
  7. A few times throughout the 2 ½ days Keynote addresses, sit at different tables in the main ballroom. You want to meet as many different administrators from different organizations and industries and parts of our country as you can, thus expanding your knowledge and networks. This will give you more ideas to share with each other when you get back to your office. PLUS you may meet some very interesting people and can benchmark best practices.
  8. Post Conference: Make sure you write a recap for your management team and share what you learned but, more importantly, how you plan to implement those ideas in your organization. Show how you personally benefitted and how all your administrators can benefit.
  9. Select highlights from the event and communicate them to the administrators in your organization.
  10. Continue to meet throughout the year. Bring your conference participant workbooks when you meet and review the various segments of the program. Reinforce learning, create new action plans.

Group Registrations
SAVE $100 Per Person!

Send 5 or more and receive $100 off per registration.
Sending a team is encouraged.
Call 800-STAR-139 to register your group.
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