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Debbie Gross

Debbie gross

Administrative Trainer | Speaker | Author of "The Office Rockstar Playbook"

Debbie Gross knows that administrative excellence is about more than juggling schedules and taking notes. An intuitive leader, she offers a fresh approach to teaching administrative professionals how to upgrade their soft skills and build confidence. Whether on stage or in the classroom, she has an innate ability to transform staff into leaders, drawing out the inner “office rockstar.”

As the former Chief Executive Assistant to John Chambers, the past CEO of Cisco—a global corporation based in Silicon Valley—Debbie supported the company’s growth from a multimillion-dollar business to a multibillion-dollar enterprise. Known as John’s “right hand,” she increased his productivity by 40 percent.

Debbie designed initiatives and programs that helped the global administrative community at Cisco grow and thrive. Now, she’s using her thirty years of experience to help the next generation of administrative professionals transition from overwhelmed task managers to strategic business partners.

She has spoken globally and conducted interactive workshops and motivational talks at companies such as Cisco, Veritas, Facebook, Pinterest, Fenwick & West, and FedEx.  Debbie doesn’t just share information—she inspires and incites greatness. Her distinctive teaching style blends creativity, fun, and new thought processes to help administrative professionals gain greater career satisfaction, recognition, and promotions.

For her passion and advocacy, the Admin Awards of Silicon Valley presented her with the Colleen Barrett Award, the highest recognition given for administrative excellence.

Debbie truly cares about each and every one of her clients and her ‘one-of-a-kind’ approach to training literally transforms a good administrative professional or executive assistant into someone who is amazing and a true business partner!

Originally from Jackson, Mississippi, Debbie currently lives in Campbell, CA with her husband, Cory.

Be the Captain of Your Administrative Career – Sailing to Success

In this presentation Debbie will address what it takes to successfully sail our Career (Our Ship) towards one of accomplishment, achievement, and job satisfaction.

Debbie will address the concepts of:

  • Taking a closer look at the shape of our career and what might need fine-tuning or be “retrofitted” so that our career is “sea-worthy”
  • In checking our “sails” are they strong enough to withstand change? She will identify what is required to adjust and strengthen them for any kind of weather
  • What skills will it take to sail our career successfully into uncharted waters. She will address both existing and new skills required in today’s business environment
  • What state are our career charts in? She will explore the importance of planning effectively so that our ship is headed in the direction we desire
  • Is our compass calibrated to keep us on course for our future? Debbie will share the value of setting goals both personally and professionally

Debbie will look at what defines an administrative professional who wants to be “Captain” of their career and their profession and what those behaviors are that create successful navigation.

Administrative professionals will come away with a deeper understanding of what having an Administrative “Career” truly means and she will reveal those tools and strategies that can take our “ship “successfully out of the harbor confidently and into amazing opportunities ahead.

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