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How to Get Approval for Attending Administrative Conferences


Getting approval for attending administrative conferences can be difficult and can sometimes be frustrating.

Many assistants struggle with getting past the anxiety of asking, there are assistants who hear “no” and give up asking, and then there are those that may not have the “ammunition” of knowledge to explain why attending a conference can be beneficial.

Office Dynamics understands that it is not easy to get that “yes” you are looking for, so we have put together some tools to help you overcome the possible obstacles you may face.


Getting To Yes

Consider this page, Getting Approval, your one-stop shop for the tools you need to gain approval. This page contains links to the “Getting to Yes” free Webinar replay, the downloadable brochure for the 2018 – 25th Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence, a written message to your manager from Founder and CEO of Office Dynamics International, Joan Burge, and the Principles of Persuasion.


Sending a Team

There are many organizations that may hesitate to send several administrative professionals to a conference all at once. However, sending several team members can pay off largely for the organization in the long run. This page, Why Send Your Administrative Team? lists several important points why sending a team can be beneficial and why your leaders should consider it.


Creating Value

Value, value, value. If you create and show value to your leaders and explain how it will positively affect the organizations’ bottom line you’re going to have a better chance at “getting to yes.” Your justification for going to a conference cannot be just about you, it also needs to be about your manager and the organization. As Joan Burge once stated, “If you clearly state the benefits of the outcome, you increase your chances to get that approval!”


In closing

These aren’t Jedi Mind Tricks (although they are pretty close) but using the tools listed above will increase your chances of hearing “yes.” So gather your information, ready your new “tools of knowledge”, and show them why you deserve that approval for attending a conference!

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Check out our tips and get our ‘Getting Approval’ packet, featuring a comprehensive brochure with conference details and a ‘Request to Attend’ letter to help convince your superiors of the event’s value.