Getting Approval To Attend An Administrative Assistant Conference

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• A letter to your executive from Joan Burge herself.

• A drafted Dear Boss letter (it is persuasive, concise, and comes from you).

• A flyer to your executive that summarizes the value they will receive long after your attendance.

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Overcoming “NO”

Selling your executive or organization on supporting your professional development is a skill. While training, coaching and consulting thousands of assistants nationwide, we have witnessed first-hand that the majority of assistants don’t approach getting approval for an administrative assistant conference as a process.

They view it as a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ situation.

“Yes, I’ll get to go” or “My executive/manager/HR department will say no.”

Unfortunately, this is how most scenarios play out…

An assistant reads about a great conference for administrative professionals.

The topics are of interest to them and will help improve job efficiencies and processes.

They request approval only to hear “no.”

They walk out. End of story.

Instead, an assistant needs to view this as “This is a great conference that will help me become a better assistant and a more valuable employee. How will I sell this to my executive?”

How to Convince Your Executive/Manager/HR Department to Send You to Conference

We have heard many assistants say, “They will never approve this”, “There is never a right time. They are always busy” so they never present their case to their executive/manager/HR department. You need to overcome that mindset.Getting the results you are after is all in positioning your thinking and overcoming resistance. You have to really believe that you are worth investing in and that you and your executive will both win big with this investment.

How do you get approval for a conference?

You are selling yourself, your value, and your potential. What do you do when you sell something? You make a pitch. Before you speak to your executive/manager/HR department office, it is extremely important that you know the benefits that will be gained and prepare for the questions he or she will ask you.

Our comprehensive Getting Approved for Conference bundle can help you. Its contents include:

• A letter to your executive from Joan Burge herself

• A drafted Dear Boss letter (it is persuasive, concise, and comes from you)

• A flyer to your executive that summarizes the value they will receive long after your attendance

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