Joan Burge Innovation Award

Joan Burge Innovation Award



At Office Dynamics, we know that assistants are always coming up with great ideas, creating new systems or templates, or taking the lead. Oftentimes assistants do not have the opportunity to showcase their talents or what they have created, nor do they always get recognized for their work.

Office Dynamics is excited to announce this first-time session whereby 5 – 7 conference participants will be able to “show” what they have done that would represent being innovative. As trailblazers in the administrative training industry, Office Dynamics wants to celebrate outstanding ideas birthed by administrative and executive assistants.

The benefits to the presenter:

  • Sharing your idea with 300+ administrative professionals from around the world
  • Being recognized as a leader and trailblazer
  • Self-satisfaction from knowing you did a great job
  • Providing exposure to your employer/organization
  • Gaining recognition from your organization upon your return from the conference
  • Adding to your bag of skills making yourself more marketable
  • Possible reward from your employer
  • Expanding your credentials on your resume or social media


Any conference attendee can request to present their innovative idea prior to September 16, 2020. Joan Burge and her team will determine the final presenters for the main stage ballroom.

  • Ideally, presenters should demonstrate their idea or use visual props to showcase their idea or best practice.
  • A creative approach is much more interesting, engaging and empowering.
  • Presenters will have 5 minutes to present.
  • Joan Burge and Office Dynamics team will determine the winner of the Innovation Award during this session.

If you are interested in participating, send an e-mail to Melia Amira ( with a brief description or overview paragraph of what you would present and why it is innovative. Questions? Call Melia Amira at 800-STAR-139.