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Julie Reed

Office Dynamics International Elite Trainer, Administrative Coach



Julie is an experienced administrative professional with a demonstrated history of building strategic partnerships and providing proactive support.  Over the past 20 years, she has navigated her own career up a spiral staircase — as a travel agent, HR staffing assistant, administrative assistant, and office manager.  In her most recent assignment, she implemented the Star Achievement Series® for the administrative staff at her company, a cultural movement that changed the perception of the role, “gaining the participants a seat at the table, and not to just take the notes!”  Julie values everyday leadership and is passionate about developing her team, colleagues and industry partners, through one on one mentoring and coaching.  As a certified Star Trainer in Levels I-III and World Class Assistant™ Trainer, Julie brings creativity, gamification, improv, and one-click technology tips, into the classroom to engage and inspire.  A champion for her career of choice, Julie empowers her peers to …. “Keep Yourself in the Equation”!

Julie has been married to Jon for 34 years.  They have four grown daughters and two granddaughters.  They enjoy active and adventurous travel.

Julie encourages all of us to support Dress for Success and their mission “to help men and women thrive in work and in life.”



C-Suite: Defined and Demystified

What is the C-Suite and is it really that different to be in a C Suite role?  YES! 

C-Suite Executives are the top tier of the organization. Boldly stated, they are the most powerful and influential members who hold the keys to the company’s strategy. As a C- Suite Administrative Assistant, you navigate multiple, ever-changing priorities, where pressures mount in tandem with increasing stakes. All while representing the culture of the company and the face of your executive’s brand. And frankly, it can be lonely at the top.

So why would anyone want to be part of the C-Suite? Because you have a front row seat as you become part of the executive team; sharing in the collective success, key decisions, and confidential business objectives. Leadership skills compliment your strong fundamental skill set. This is a rewarding position as you grow in resiliency and respect amongst your peers.

Julie is extremely knowledgeable on this topic as someone who achieved great success during her administrative career. Having coached and mentored multiple administrative assistants who are curious about moving into this space, or who are currently in this role, she is ready to answer questions and share best practices. 

Whether you want to move into the C-Suite or are already in the C-Suite, you can attend this intimate session. 

Topics include:

  • Define the make-up of a C-Suite
  • Describe the day to day realities
  • Share the qualities of a C-Suite Admin
  • Roadmap how you can get yourself into the C-Suite
Friday, October 30, 2020 | 10:40 – Noon PT

Enjoy the Journey Through 2020 and Beyond

Does this “new normal” feel abnormal to you? Are you tired of the uncertainty and disappointment? Do you feel isolated, frustrated, and stressed?  You are not alone.  The Covid Pandemic has thrown many curve balls our way. It is time to catch those balls and throw them right back. 

Join Joan and Julie in this impactful conference close as they walk you through techniques that will help you sustain and maintain; survive and thrive – enjoying the journey through 2020 and beyond.

  • Level Up – challenge yourself and your skills; find the opportunities; creativity
  • Connect – support; resources; collaborate; laugh and have fun; inner circle
  • Honor and respect others
  • Self-management – personal responsibility; E+R=O; limit the inputs and monitor your outputs
  • Positive self-talk
  • Communication – live it out loud and courageously
  • Realistic optimism – grounded in reality; acceptance; resiliency
  • Gratitude – remain in the moment with staying power
  • “Corporate Athlete” – feed your mind, body and soul
  • Joan’s Five Pillars

What will the future look like for you? It depends on the actions you choose to take!

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