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Julie Reed
Office Dynamics Elite Trainer

JULIE REED is an Office Dynamics Elite trainer. She is certified to teach the World Class Assistant Designation course and all 3 Levels of Office Dynamics’ flagship training program, Star Achievement Series. Julie brings creativity, gamification, and improv into the classroom to engage and inspire. 

Julie is an experienced executive administrative professional with a demonstrated history of building strategic partnerships and providing proactive support.  Over 20 years, she navigated her own career up a spiral staircase — as a travel agent, HR staffing assistant, administrative assistant, and office manager. 

Prior to venturing out full time to teach and coach assistants, Julie implemented the Star Achievement Series® for the administrative staff at her company in Columbus. . . .  a cultural movement that changed the perception of the role, “gaining the participants a seat at the table, and not to just take the notes!” 


Today more than ever, companies value teamwork and collaboration. It is essential to function effectively together to deliver high-quality results and maintain a competitive advantage.

A recent ADP Research Institute study revealed “83% of workers say they do most of their work in teams – every industry, every region of the world, and at every level in an organization.” However, just being part of a group doesn’t make you part of a team. And teams are not created by HR org charts. 

Are you part of a team?

The ADPRI study also reported, “those respondents who did most of their work on a team, were more than twice as likely to be fully engaged.” Engagement relieves stress and leads to productivity, innovation, collaboration, and retention. 

Do you want to be part of your team?

When you are part of the team – authentically connecting with your peers and promoting positive, supportive working relationships – you build the platform to showcase your talents and break through the barriers of the Silo Mentality.  Teamwork is a mindset and an attitude; it is not about your location; it is not about your title. 

  • Discover the power of teams.
  • Understand the secret ingredients of successful teams.
  • Explore the stages of team development.
  • Identify the skills valued by highly functioning teams.
  • Learn how to join your team through your transferable skill set.

Teamwork is a culture. Teamwork is a value that is lived – a mission that is shared.  Collectively. Proactively. Intentionally.

Watch this dynamic, information session and get your seat at the table!


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