Administrative Assistant’s I Wish for You


After more than 40+ years of living in and with this profession, these are my wishes for every administrative professional, especially you. I hope you will pass this on to your peers so that we might light a fire that burns in all administrative professionals’ hearts.

My wishes for you are that you…

  • live your profession with inspiration, enthusiasm, energy, inquisitiveness, and passion.
  • wake up every day with excitement about the work you do and the opportunities that lie ahead that day.
  • will never settle for second best for yourself.
  • always seek better, newer, more exciting ways of doing things.
  • be proud of the profession you have chosen.
  • be a life-long student of both your career and life.
  • make time for family, friends, faith, and fun.
  • shake yourself up every once and a while and jump out of your comfort zone.
  • take on a task or project that challenges your thinking.
  • make something of the talents you have been given.
  • always see the sunlight through the clouds.
  • be blessed with a great boss who is a mentor at least once during your lifetime.
  • get to ride on a corporate jet once.
  • spread your enthusiasm to other admins.
  • start an administrative team or lead a small group of admins once.
  • be ecstatic about your successes when they occur!
  • help this profession be elevated to one that is admired and sought after; truly viewed as a career of choice.
  • you will realize whatever you learn from being an administrative professional can carry over to every aspect of your life.

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