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Is Your Company Resilient?

With our 2015 Conference Theme selected, The Resilient Assistant, you might imagine we’re knee deep in resilience research here at Office Dynamics International!

As we absorb all the knowledge on this skill we’ll come across articles and information that’s a must share! Please check back or subscribe to this blog for these updates.

Today, I’d like to share with you an article found on WillisWire. Company Culture is the Key to Resilience.

The article sites case studies of eight companies that have faced turbulent times and made it through to the other side. The discovers through researching these studies found there were four enablers and five principles that are key to a companies resilience “their ability to bounce back from adversity.”

Read the full article for their summary.

A very interesting part of the study were the findings on how a culture of trust is built within a company.

We’ll share the quick bullets but I highly encourage you to visit the full article at WillisWire for their outstanding detail on this subject.

  1. Recognize Inter-Dependence
  2. Know That a Crisis Will Happen
  3. Be Part of Wins and Survivals
  4. Be the Beneficiary of Investment
  5. Know That the Competition is “Out There”

We’ve been talking a lot internally at Office Dynamics about #2. We’ve also been working on shifting our perception of what a crisis is. As you may know, we’ve experienced true crisis moments recently and we’ve had major setbacks. When you know you will experience setbacks and prepare for them that’s one way to maneuver through these “crisis” moments. We’ve also found shifting our perception and allowing ourselves to ask the question “what’s the opportunity here – what can we learn from this?” has helped us to move forward in times of great crisis.

After reviewing the full article – would you say that your organization is resilient? What are some practices you would say lend to a more resilient workforce?


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