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Empowering Networking Opportunities at The Conference For Administrative Excellence


A special note from guest blogger and past conference attendee, Dana Buchanan

Hello fellow conference attendee:

I am so excited about the opportunity to attend the upcoming Conference for Administrative Excellence! And even more excited about the Empower theme and speakers. I am so happy you have registered for this event of distinction!

I have had the remarkable opportunity to write about my past conference experiences and conversations with Joan and the Office Dynamics team – so it’s no surprise to hear that I’m a big fan of this event and the numerous opportunities offered to attendees each year. Why do I find such value in this particular event? There are too many to name in this post, but the shortlist is:

  • Joan’s ability to share her experience and best practices in such an inviting and personal way while exuding professionalism. Her sessions and side conversations development professional and personal growth. Joan encourages each attendee to acknowledge their abilities and grow beyond where they are at that moment. She acknowledges and encourages the value of the administrative profession and the person with the ability to excel in their role as only they can.
  • The speakers. The diverse mix of presenters ensures that not only is there something for everyone, but also offers an opportunity to learn from different viewpoints.
  • And I cannot say enough about the networking opportunities that start day one at the reception/registration and continue through breakfasts, breakout sessions, lunches, and at the Gala!

There is such value in having the opportunity to connect with hundreds of other professionals that choose the same career field. Making the most out of the conference includes talking with your peers, even if you have to step out of your comfort zone. Not only did I hear amazing life stories during our conversations, I also learned invaluable tips and best practices from those working in a similar environment or dealing with a similar issue. I now have an extended network of professionals I can reach out to!

I encourage extending the networking opportunities offered throughout the conference by connecting with others outside the normal conference sessions and forming small groups (exchange numbers or other contact information and set times to meet up). Activities can be one-time or several meetings. Depending on the group size and activity chosen, you may want to select a group captain and co-captain to be the main contacts and dependent on headcount, you may divide into two or three smaller groups.

Empowering networking opportunities may include:

  • Exercise or walking group
  • Bowling or movie night (the hotel has a bowling alley and movie theater!)
  • Dinner, dessert, or coffee (or make it a foodies group and do all three!)
  • Poolside reading (discuss your current read or even exchange favorite books)
  • Outdoor mall shopping or sight-seeing (there is an outdoor mall within walking distance and the hotel offers a free shuttle for some area sights)
  • Casino night (opportunity right inside the hotel!)
  • Or discuss as a group and create your own small group opportunity!

And this is happening…so…I’m very excited about this new opportunity!

  • Please pop in for the pre-conference empowering networking session with me and join other attendees Tuesday, October 15 between 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm (drop-in for a few minutes or stay the full hour) for discussion, conference Q & A, small group mingling or to just say hello! Remember – The conference reception and registration begin at 6:00 pm where the networking will continue!
  • We will be in the seating area in between the grand staircases, past the front lobby registration area, by the lobby lounge.

Have you heard about the Joan Burge Innovation Award? Office Dynamics is excited to announce this first-time session whereby 3 – 5 conference participants will be able to “show” what they have done that would represent being innovative. Empower yourself and others by sharing your innovative ideas! Visit the conference website for all the details and remember the deadline is September 15th, so submit your description and interest to Melia Amira soon!

Please contact me with any questions about the pre-conference empowering network session and please connect with me at some point throughout the conference and/or via LinkedIn, my blog, or Instagram (successencourager) or email at [email protected]! As you can tell, I love talking about the conference and I am happy to answer conference questions or find out answers that I don’t know!

Finally, if you haven’t had the opportunity to discover more about Joan Burge and her journey, please read more about her here and browse through her guides and books!

Did you know that Joan:

  • Is the creator and host of the “Event of Distinction” Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence™ (started in 1993) and the World Class Assistant™ Certification course
  • Has customized more than 100 workshops and seminars for administrative professionals
  • Has hosted more than 100 webinars
  • Has authored 8 books; 5 for administrative and executive assistants
  • She has produced more than 340 educational videos and written more than 500 articles for the profession!

Let the countdown to your valuable professional and personal development begin!

I look forward to meeting you in October at the conference!


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