Executive Administrative Assistants Not Viewed As Strategic

While this blog is short and to the point, it makes a dramatic statement that I hope gets every administrative professional’s attention.

I was having a coaching session the other day with my coach who works with high-level executives. I made a comment about companies not willing to invest in high-end administrative training (or any training for that matter) yet they easily support management and executive training, education and conference attendance.

He immediately said, “That is because administrative work is tactical and executive work is strategic.” Before you get heated up, my coach is on my side. There is truth to what he said in how the administrative role is still perceived, even after decades have passed.

While I work with many executive administrative assistants who definitely are strategic thinkers and I have trained assistants to see themselves as strategic business partners, there are still thousands of administrative assistants who do not see this profession as a career or see the need to develop themselves into a strategic partner. They do not take any time for professional development nor invest their own money or see a need to change or grow.

It is 2014 and we need to make massive strides. There is great potential for any individual who calls this their Career of Choice and is willing to stretch out of their comfort zone and grab hold of opportunities.

This year has also been claimed at IYOTSA (International Year of The Secretary and Assistant). Learn more about IYOTSA means to your profession and how you can get involved.

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