Free Webinar: The Resilient Assistant with Special Guest, Peggy Vasquez


Free Webinar for February 17: The Resilient Assistant with Peggy Vasquez

Every administrative professional knows nothing in life or work is constant. In today’s workplace, we’re continually forced to adapt, shift, think and act on our toes, and just generally CHANGE (a word most people fear!). Those who are too rigidly attached to “the way things are” will constantly struggle to regain their footing when the inevitable upheaval happens.

Being a top-tier admin means taking it all in stride and kicking into high gear when curveballs come your way (and even before!). Resiliency is the number one skill admins can hone to position themselves for success in today’s turbulent business environment. This webinar—featuring special guest, Peggy Vasquez and hosted by Joan Burge—shows you exactly what to do today to prepare for the unavoidable challenges, setbacks and turmoil of tomorrow.

Learning Highlights

As an attendee, you will learn:

  • How to proactively plan for what’s next and build a reputation for quick-thinking and swift action, even in times of chaos.
  • The 6 core elements of resilience, how each applies in the modern workplace, and how to embrace and demonstrate them through conscious mindset shifts.
  • How to apply the principles of resilience in your own life—when something goes wrong or the unexpected happens—by hearing real-world stories of resilience in action.
  • How to hone this essential skill set so you never again feel caught “off guard” and overwhelmed by change in the workplace.

Upgrade your career capabilities by becoming The Resilient Assistant!

Sign up today and you’ll receive:

  • Admission to the live event with Joan and Peggy on February 17, 2015.
  • 15 minutes of Q&A with Joan and Peggy. (Come prepared and bring your most pressing challenges!)
  • A copy of the PowerPoint presentation outlining the key concepts and strategies of resiliency. (If applicable.)
  • A downloadable audio-only MP3 of the session—put it on your iPod and listen over and over from anywhere.
  • (Limited-time) Access to the full, recorded program so you can “attend” the session more than once at your convenience.

This webinar is essential for you if you’ve ever wondered…

  • “How do I manage change in the workplace?”
  • “What does proactive mean?”
  • “How do I deal with workplace challenges?”
  • “How can I recover from a setback at work?”
  • “How do I grow from failure at work?”
  • “How do I plan for the future today?”








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