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Joan Burge, founder and CEO, Interviews JJ Villar

STOP. READ. This special interview is not just about a Gala night. This interview is about being pulled into an experience that will leave you breathless for months to come through experiential learning.
Joan Burge interviewed JJ Villar, owner of Feel the Music Entertainment in Las Vegas. JJ has been an entertainer for 20 years and is a long-time performer in the MJ One show. Every year, Joan enlists JJ Villar to co-create aspects of the Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence.
The 2018 Conference Theme is The Stellar Assistant. Office Dynamics’ goal is to make every attendee feel like a star from the time their feet hit the Red Rock Resort until the finale on Friday. This interview took place right after Joan Burge and JJ Villar had their concept meeting.

Conference Attendees are Top of Mind

When preparing for the Office Dynamics Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence, JJ first thinks about the attendees and their lives. He imagines what it must be like to be a crazy, busy assistant managing executives and juggling 100 tasks. He pictures each attendee in their workplace and in their communities.
Then JJ imagines how he wants to transform that crazy, busy, stressful life into an ambiance that allows attendees to open their minds and hearts so they can truly grasp what they are about to hear from the speakers and Joan Burge. JJ gives great thought as to what he and his team can create to bring attendees into a world of energy, freedom from cares and stress, and full absorption. JJ prides himself on making an experience that attendees will take with them long after the Office Dynamics conference is over.
JJ says, “When you attend conferences, the days can be long and not very energizing as you sit and listen to speaker after speaker or move from one break out session to another to another.” Joan Burge, founder and CEO of Office Dynamics International, and JJ work very hard to make sure their administrative conference is exciting, motivating and different—a true event of distinction. They seek and create ways for attendees to retain information, without ever having to take a note because it is about the experience—the journey they take attendees on. They have been able to achieve this goal year after year.

Star Theme Woven Through Entire Conference

With the 2018 conference theme being The Stellar Assistant, the performers will tie everything into the conference theme of how to stand out as an administrative assistant; how to be a star. It will begin with the Tuesday night Welcome Reception. Office Dynamics can’t divulge what they will be doing, but they can tell you this is not your typical Welcome Reception. The star theme will continue on Wednesday morning with the official opening of the conference and then carry over to the big Thursday night Glitz and Glam Gala!

A Gala Like No Other

Joan Burge created Gala night many years ago with purpose and intent. It was not about just having a lovely dinner and music. Joan’s intent has always been much deeper and richer. Her goal was to create an ambiance and environment where assistants could truly let their hair down, laugh, have fun, feel special, be entertained and leave everything else behind them. Joan knows that every person who attends the Office Dynamics conference has been running a marathon race personally and professionally for months or even an entire year. Many assistants are working full-time jobs and some are on call 24/7. Many assistants are taking care of children, aging parents, partners or spouses; dealing with their own issues and stress and taking care of their demanding executives plus everyone else in their proximity at work. Assistants need to unwind and just be themselves. It is vital to good health and one’s wellbeing. Everyone needs to recharge and cannot necessarily do that in other environments. Joan and her team have created a safe space where assistants can just be themselves and have a great time.
To make the Office Dynamics Gala extra fantastic, Joan Burge enlists JJ Villar, owner of Feel the Music Entertainment, every year to produce Gala night. JJ pulls the best of the best performers from the Las Vegas Strip.

Making Magic with the Personal Touch 

The personal touch is what separates Office Dynamics’ conference from other administrative conferences. Joan Burge makes it a point to greet every person at the Welcome Reception. She makes time throughout the conference to chat with attendees and always welcomes anyone who approaches her. The Office Dynamics team is passionate about hosting their conference. While it is very hard work, they absolutely love giving attendees the best experience possible, making sure attendees are learning and having fun, and ensuring attendees feel like part of the Office Dynamics family. Attendees always say, “We feel like we got a big hug from Office Dynamics.” It is this personal connection that makes the magic happen.


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