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Joan Burge is known as the red-lipstick-wearing “Rock Star” of administrative and executive assistant training and a successful entrepreneur who created a unique niche in 1990 by founding a training company that would uniquely provide sophisticated, robust educational programs and information to administrative professionals.

Joan is an accomplished author (8 books), professional speaker, consultant and corporate trainer. She is the creator of The Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence™; World Class Assistant™ Certification course; Star Achievement Series® Certification and Designation course; 30+ customized workshops, 200+ educational videos, 150+ articles and nearly 1,000 blog posts for executive and administrative assistants.

Her company, Office Dynamics International, is a global industry leader which offers a broad range of solutions and provides high-performance, sophisticated executive and administrative assistant training and coaching. One thing is clear: Executive assistants, their executives, HR business partners, administrators, and managers have come to rely on Office Dynamics International, because “only Joan is Joan.”

Joan Burge is an original; the foremost expert in the demanding field of management support. She put in the hard work and high investment required to earn the reputational excellence and uncompromising trust of leaders in business. She illuminates through her empowering teaching, building better work relationships between executives and their assistants.

Joan’s never-ending quest to provide top-notch educational programs has earned the respect of premier clients like Cisco Systems, AT&T, Kindred Healthcare, The Boeing Co., Humana Inc., Sunoco, Nokia, Procter & Gamble, Nationwide Insurance, and Chevron.

Reset Refocus Recenter A Prism of Opportunities
Wednesday, October 27 | 8:30 – 9:30 a.m. PT

In this dynamic opening session, Joan Burge will ignite your passion and energy to see your work and career in new ways. We know that 2020 changed us, our work, and our lives in monumental ways; in ways never fathomed. After months and months of readjusting, administrative professionals and their leaders settled into their new processes and established routines. They became comfortable.

But comfort isn’t where we grow, excel, and move our businesses to the next level. It isn’t where an assistant develops new skills or creates new career opportunities. We must think about the possibilities of “what could be.” We must continue to look at things in new ways as the work world will continue to evolve into hybrid environments, completely transformed workspaces, and ever-changing employee expectations.

In this grand opening session, you will learn to:

  • Purposely seek opportunities to enhance your organization’s business.
  • Determine the next steps to take as you move forward in your job, career, and the new workplace environment.
  • See and seize the prism of opportunities that await you.
  • Lead you and your leader to a higher level of performance with courage and creativity.
  • Reset your thinking to align with the new work paradigms.

P.S. Joan Burge is eager to welcome everyone who is coming to Las Vegas for this long-awaited in-person event! This will be an exciting time to reconnect in the most human way.

Executive Support Excellence: Ensuring You Deliver the Best Support Virtually or at the Office
Thursday, October 28 | 9:15 – 10:15 a.m. PT

Whether you work from home full time, work in the office full time, or have a hybrid situation, your main purpose is to work in tandem with your executive, provide the best administrative and tactical support, and build a strategic partnership. But how do you do that based on your situation? How do you know your executive or the managers you support are really getting what they need, especially if you don’t see them in the office every day? Has the new work world really changed how executives and assistants should work together?

Joan Burge has the answers to these questions and more after spending 15 months absorbed in the impact the pandemic and post-pandemic had on executives and assistants. She has held intimate conversations with assistants, HR professionals, executives, and high-level managers about the effects the ongoing and never-ending changes have had on assistants.

Here is what you can expect from Joan’s session:

  • Key strategies on providing the best support to your executives and managers whether working from home or in an office.
  • Thought-provoking ideas that will change the way you think about virtual support.
  • Learning the critical skills to succeed in any situation, whether you are supporting one executive or several.
  • Creating more fulfilling relationships with management, leading to increased job satisfaction.
  • Build strategic partnerships with your executive by delivering excellence.
Moving Forward: A Prism of Opportunities Await You - Closing Keynote Session
Thursday, October 28 | 9:15 – 10:15 a.m. PT
Join Joan Burge as she brings our 2021 conference to a smashing close! She will teach you how to focus on opportunities rather than danger; create and affirm what you want to put into the universe; and depart Las Vegas with a solid footing that will keep you focused and recentered for months to come.


7 Sure-Fire Tips for Assistants Who Want To Be More Assertive

There’s a common mindset that too many administrative professionals fall victim to: It’s the one that tells us to stay quiet, don’t be pushy, always say “yes” because “no” isn’t allowed. We’re trained to support others and, all too often, that means we fail to support ourselves.

On the other hand, some assistants take it to the other extreme. They try too hard to assert themselves and become aggressive. They end up stepping on toes, harming their professional reputation and even their career. 

Being an assertive assistant requires a delicate balance of skills. Joan Burge, Founder, and CEO of Office Dynamics, has mastered the techniques through years of practice and real-world experience, and she’s sharing her wisdom with you. You’ll gain the confidence and know-how required to speak up and stand out. You’ll never again feel like a doormat, and you’ll no longer worry about going too far. You’ll find that perfect place of power—where you’re able to support the needs of your executive without sacrificing yourself in the process.

Learning highlights:

  • How to evaluate your current communication and boundary-setting style so you can build on your strengths and address areas for improvement.

  • Why assertiveness in the workplace matters, especially for assistants, how it benefits you, and what it really means. (Hint: It’s often totally misunderstood!)

  • How to recognize and minimize the risk involved so your message is received, and your professional image remains intact.

  • How to appropriately set limits, voice your ideas and opinions, and articulate your needs using thoughtful, diplomatic communication techniques.

  • 7 essential action steps for becoming a more assertive assistant.

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