What Attendees Say

I must say, after attending the conference, all of you at Office Dynamics are a step above the rest.
~ Rhonda S.
I don’t know of any other Administrative Conference that has the passion behind what is spoken.
~ Attendee
I have attended a lot of conferences in my career and this is the best conference out there. You delivered – your incredible team delivered – your speakers delivered – the networking was wonderful but more importantly, the tone you set for this meeting, the expectation that it would be something special, making everyone feel so special, designed to meet the needs of busy assistants taking time out of their busy schedules to attend something that would be worthwhile – a true value add – nothing disappointed. Nothing was wasted……and besides that, I had tremendous fun.
~ Marie H.
“I really enjoy this conference because topics are timely and relevant (this year’s especially, Collaborate, Create, Connect), and participation is limited to approximately 300 professionals, just big enough yet small enough for you to absorb the training as well as meeting, networking, and sharing best-practices with other high-level administrative professionals. Office Dynamics also engages great speakers to present at their conference, but for me, the biggest draw and main reason I attend is Joan Burge.
~ Laura S.
I love the theme for this year. It is so forward-looking and innovative. No one, nobody, no other training organization is giving us what Joan, you, and the rest of the crew gives us!
~ Martha M.
I enjoyed myself immensely and took away lots of good information – AND met some fabulous ladies (you included)! Everything far exceeded my expectations!
~ Joan W.
Kudos to the Office Dynamics team for putting together a great conference and event last week! It was my first time to attend it and I am really glad that I did! I gained a better and fresher perspective of my profession and came out appreciating what we all do!
~ Teresa E.
Your conference is so special because you keep it intimate enough to have a more profound impact and the fact that your team is so tight-knit and your family participates, makes your event stand apart from any others I see advertised.
~ Sandy
The conference was life altering for me! This conference was so valuable. I came back with pages of notes, ideas and more than anything- confidence and empowerment. I met with my boss and told him how I’d like to proceed with what I had learned, and he was thrilled to let me take some things off of his plate and it’s changed the dynamic of our team and made us more efficient. I can’t recommend this conference highly enough. My entire team was so blessed to be there and it was one of those team building/bonding experiences that will keep us connected forever!
~ Tammy W.
After being home for a few days, I finally realized what was different about the Office Dynamics conference from other conferences I’ve attended. I did not speak to one negative person that was attending the conference the entire time I was there. Obviously, the room was full of high achievers who cherished the opportunity to be there and soak up all of the information! Thanks for providing an intentional venue for that atmosphere. You and the Office Dynamics Team are great!
~ Ann
When Joan speaks, people listen. Her words are golden. I love how she educates administrative professionals!
~ Tammy W.
A great environment that promotes friendships and bonds that last beyond the event.
~ Attendee
No one, nobody, no other training organization is giving us what Joan and the rest of the crew gives us. We are blessed!
~ Attendee
Conference doesn’t begin to describe it. It was a life-changing event.
~ Attendee
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