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Live Event! ZIP Tips! Amazing Productivity Tips from Mike Song

Mike Song shares his ZIP Tips!Join Nancy Fraze, Reporter In The Field, for a taste of the Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence. This blog was originally posted at 


Mike Song, best selling author of The Hamster Revolution, zipped to the stage and showed us the FASTEST way to get more done with ZIP! Tips for Outlook, iPad, iPhone, Android, Google and more.

Mike told us that energy is contagious. He said we should analyze where we spend our time. Much of it interfaces with technology, so the more we are productive in our use of technology the more efficient we’ll be and the more we’ll be able to do.

He said that he believes:

a quantity overload + quality poor = no time for tech.

Mike then proceeded to tell us so many great tips! Everyone was enthralled with his presentation. For example, we typed words in an email on our iPhones & and then shook it the device. The iPhone erased what we’d written! (like an Etch a Sketch!). When we shook it again, the words erased came back. Magic!

We learned about sending low-priority e-mail to folders we set up and could review 1-2 times per month. We dragged emails to our task bar in Outlook and created to-do’s electronically. We learned about the ZIP-Zone, which places any document, site, webpage on our toolbar so we can access it quickly. We learned about accessing teleconference numbers in one tap. We learned searches on Bing. Amazing!

We received tips to help us in Outlook, take notes, keyboard short cuts & it was really wonderful. Lots of “oohs” and “aaahs” in the audience.

Today’s admins are taking technology by storm. We need to have as much information as possible at the ready. The presentation was great and people talked about how much they enjoyed it for the rest of the conference.

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