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Make the Most of An Administrative Conference by Being in the Moment

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Professional development and educational conferences present incredible opportunities to further your career, network with your peers, and become a more well-rounded administrative assistant. They are powerful tools on the journey towards greatness. You’ve likely seen our previous post,  Professional Development Conference Tips, where we discuss how to make the most of these transformative events. In this blog, I wanted to focus on one key tip that I think can take your conference experience to the next level.

Making it Count

When you come to the Office Dynamics Conference for Administrative Excellence, there is one thing you must do: BE IN THE MOMENT. Remember that the power of this experience truly lies in how you approach it. Too often, we let our minds drift elsewhere. We worry about what’s happening at the office while we’re away. We worry about our families. We worry about all the little things that aren’t getting done. That worry is natural, of course, but it also serves as a huge kick to the value of the overall experience. When we focus on the worry and about the places we are not, we can’t possibly be in the moment. We can’t embrace the ideas, people, and experiences around us. The worry limits us. 

That’s why I strongly believe that in order to take full advantage of everything the conference experience has to offer, you have to be fully immersed in it. You have to allow yourself to be in the moment, every moment of the event. From the welcome reception to the first session on the first day, to the gala, to the closing remarks, you have to BE THERE. 

  • Really listen to the incredible speakers
  • Make as many new professional connections as possible
  • Attend every special event
  • Take advantage of the unique opportunity to connect with the Office Dynamics team
  • Enjoy the experience

No Regrets

Allowing yourself to live in the moment at professional development and educational conferences means you will have truly made the most of your investment. That alone should convince you to let go of the everyday worries and embrace each and every opportunity that lies before you. 

We can’t wait to be in the moment right along with you at this year’s Office Dynamics Conference for Administrative Excellence!

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