Make the Most of Your Administrative Assistant Conference

YAY! YOU GOT APPROVAL to attend an administrative or executive assistant conference. You don’t want to blow it. You have to show your executive that you are serious about your professional development. Here are things you can do before attending your conference. I will write separate conference blogs on what to do at the conference and what to do post-conference.

  Prepare mentally.

•  Prepare logistically. Be sure to book your hotel as soon as possible. Many conference hosts try to block rooms in the hotel where their conference is held. We do that for our Conference for Administrative Excellence. But we are very cautious as to how many rooms we block because if we don’t meet our block number, we have to pay for the rooms. This is true for all conference events. Of course, you will have to look into your ground transportation, etc.

 Take your business cards. If you do not have any, invest in them yourself. Not only will you hand out your business cards to other administrative professionals you meet, but will use them to enter drawings and such.

•  Write your Development Plan.

•  Review the speaker’s objectives. Highlight the ones that specifically meet your goals.

•  Read your pre-event detailed letter when it arrives for special announcements and any last-minute changes to the conference agenda. At Office Dynamics we send a letter to each administrative conference registrant about one month prior to our event.

•  Pack reading materials or your tablet/reading device for possible airport delays.

•  Expect the unexpected. All types of situations can occur when you travel. Don’t let them ruffle you or ruin the excitement you have for attending the conference.

•  Visit the keynote and concurrent session speaker’s web sites to get a heads up on their expertise. Some of the speakers may be of real interest to you and you will want to connect with them at the conference.

Be sure to read my other blogs on what to do at and after your administrative conference.

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