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And as a thank you, we decided to provide you with our Top 10 Training Videos by Office Dynamics. These are the 10 most popular training videos that your peers in the industry (and outside the industry) have chosen to watch.

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Office Dynamics Top 10 Videos

1. Executive Assistant – Helping Your Manager Maintain A Competitive Edge

2. Administrative Assistant – Complex Calendar Control

3. Administrative Assistant – Attitude Management & Inner Drive

4. Administrative Assistant – Getting People to Notice You

5. Executive Assistant – Meetings with your Executive Part 1

6. Week 7 – Organizational Skills

7. Week 9 – Professional Behavior And Image

8. How to Present Data & Financial Information to Your Executive

9. Free Webinar For Administrative Assistants – 25 Proven Tips to Administrative Excellence

10. Executive Assistant – Meetings with your Executive Part 2


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Priscilla Pfeiffer

Priscilla Pfeiffer

Speaker | Entertainer | Trainer | TEDx Speaker

You Don’t Matter, Or Do You?

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Priscilla Pfeiffer, a seasoned professional, boasts a two-decade career in entertainment and business. Her unique show business background allows her to craft mesmerizing performances, leaving enduring memories. Focused on delivering resonant and empowering messages that inspire audiences to make an impact in the world, she illuminates individuals to unlock their full potential in both personal and professional lives.

Renowned for creating “wow factor” moments, Priscilla has an esteemed clientele, including brands like BMW, LinkedIn, iHeart Radio, Michael Jordan’s Air Jordans, Pfizer, Bacardi, Cosmo Latina Magazine, and Zappos. Her impressive credits include sharing the stage with Joan Jett, Will-i-am, Pitbull, Enrique Iglesias, and Marc Anthony, as well as performances on America’s Got Talent, The Latin Grammy Awards, The NHL Awards, Comic Relief, and Celebrity Cruises. Priscilla has also graced the prestigious TEDx stage, where she delivered a compelling talk that resonated with audiences, showcasing her ability to captivate and inspire on a global platform.

In addition, Priscilla hosts the podcast “Spark Your Inner Fire” which delves into the creative mind, torching the inner critic, and reigniting purpose. Through interviews with world-renowned creatives, she shares stories and wisdom, illuminating listeners on their journeys.

In essence, Priscilla Pfeiffer is not only a veteran but a trailblazer whose performances consistently inspire, motivate, and create lasting impressions.