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Did you know that every year, The Conference for Administrative Excellence, one of the world’s leading conferences for the administrative profession, is put on by Office Dynamics International? There’s nothing that we love quite more than providing the top training, certifications, courses, and resources for assistants, office managers, Chiefs of Staff, and more to excel in their careers.

With that, as we gear up for the next Conference for Administrative Excellence, we’re excited to share our favorite videos that will help you supercharge your training and development. These top 10 picks are curated to enhance your skills, boost your career, and inspire you to achieve new heights in your professional journey. Dive in and get ready to be empowered!

1. The Power of the Unconscious Mind

Beneath the surface of our conscious awareness lies a vast network of activity: the unconscious mind. Once we understand how our past experiences shape our emotions, as Starla West explained during her session at The Conference for Administrative Excellence, we can better understand ourselves and shape our own decisions. Watch this enlightening session to unlock the potential of your unconscious mind.

2. How to Get Approval for Professional Development

Join us for an hour-long webinar on how to advocate for your professional development and training needs. You deserve to add more value to yourself and your company. Our guest, Kayla Hutchens (recipient of the 2022 Joan Burge Innovation Award and now one of our speakers), is a passionate advocate for administrative training and development, and she will share her success story on how she got approval for professional development not only for herself but also for her colleagues.

3. How Not to Give Away Your Presence

We are walking billboards; somebody is always making a judgment about us. So, how do we use that to our advantage? In a clip from her session at The Conference for Administrative Excellence, Nada Lena Nasserdeen discusses two ways we can maintain power in our presence. Learn how to project confidence and authority.

4. 6 Ways Administrative Professionals Can Build Influence

Joan Burge, a pioneer of professional training and certifications for executive and administrative assistants, dedicated an entire session at the 2022 Conference for Administrative Excellence to how administrative professionals can be influential. When you have influence, you have the power to create change, both for yourself and for others.

These six steps are a snapshot of her one-hour session on the topic and a preview of the robust content to be revealed at this 2024’s conference for administrative professionals, The Influential Assistant: Shaping Strategy, Steering Success.

5. Celebrating Susan Schultz – Joan Burge Innovation Award Winner

While not exactly a training video, we hope you will learn from Susan’s presentation and be inspired to initiate change within your own organization.

Join us in honoring Susan Schultz, the esteemed recipient of the Joan Burge Innovation Award at the 30th Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence. With over 33 years at Procter & Gamble, Susan has revolutionized the role of executive assistants, exemplifying leadership and innovation.

This video reviews Susan’s inspiring journey, from spearheading a peer network for US EAs to founding P&G’s inaugural Executive Assistant College. Witness how her visionary approach has set new benchmarks for administrative professionals, garnering widespread acclaim and setting a new standard within the corporate world.

6. Kickstart Your Unleashed Potential

Feeling like the time has slipped through your fingers? No sweat, it’s never too late to press that reset button and realign your career goals. We invite you to step into our virtual room with Joan Burge and renowned career strategist, Madelyn Mackie, for a dynamic session designed to supercharge your career aspirations and inspire you to maximize the rest of the year.

7. Communicating In Style, With Style

Star-achieving executive assistants strive to effectively communicate with others, have unbridled enthusiasm for crafting communications that have impact, purposely communicate in a way that they will get the information they need, and build rapport with people of all occupations. In order to communicate with others, you must first know yourself and your own style of communicating.

8. The Keys to Powerful Communication with Your Leader

Effective communication is pivotal in the role of an executive assistant, fostering alignment and trust with your executive. Regular, open dialogues help anticipate challenges, ensuring smooth operations, while building trust as you demonstrate reliability and competence.

9. Mastering Your Executive’s Calendar

Technology will never replace the brains of a great assistant who thinks through every aspect of their executive’s calendar. Joan Burge’s favorite saying is “Just because a date is open, it does not mean I am available.” To excel in this very important area of your executive’s life, you must rely upon big-picture knowledge.

10. Jump Start Your Administrative Career

Join Joan Burge and Alexandra Von Tiergarten at Robert Half as they discuss where the jobs are in the administrative field and what you need to know to propel your career in a new direction. Alexandra is a district president at Robert Half, the world’s first and largest specialized talent solutions firm. She began her career with Robert Half in 2003 and is dedicated to helping companies find top talent and professionals find rewarding careers.

These videos offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Whether you’re looking to enhance your skills, gain new insights, or simply find motivation, these top picks from Office Dynamics are sure to provide value. Be sure to check out these sessions and many more at the upcoming Conference for Administrative Excellence.

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