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11 Post Conference Tips for Success (Part 6)


11 Post Conference Tips for Success

Hopefully, you have read the first 5 Blogs of this Series. But if not, that is ok. You can jump in here. Often many of us go off to conferences. We spend a lot of time getting ready for the trip and invest several days attending the event. But what about when we get back? We tend to jump right back into our work routine and get busy. We forget that post-conference activities can help solidify what we learned and lock it in for long-term success.

  • Continue networking via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Tell your leader how you are applying what you learned.
  • Utilize the checklists and action items provided at the event.
  • Recognize and reward yourself for growth and changes!
  • Review your event notes as soon as possible. Flag important pages; highlight action items.
  • After 30 days, revisit your participant booklet. Select action items and tips that you want to re-emphasize the next 30 days.
  • Complete the event survey. GIVE CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK! And be sure to let the conference hosts or committee know what you liked the most about their event. They worked really hard to make that event special just for you and they like to know “what really worked.”
  • Visit the speakers’ website to extend your event learning. You might want to purchase one of their books or read their blogs.
  • Select 5 powerful tips that you will take immediate action on.
  • Write a thank you letter or note card (not an email) to your leader. Let her or him know 2 or 3 learning outcomes as a result of your attendance.
  • Keep your enthusiasm going weeks after the Event. How can you do that so you don’t lose the great energy you had the week of the Event?


Last, if you loved the conference you attended, see if the next year’s dates are up and add them to your calendar. Look for Early Bird Registration to save your company money.

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1 thought on “11 Post Conference Tips for Success (Part 6)”

  1. Thanks Joan for these useful tips! Since Social Media is my weakness, I now make it a point to connect via Social Media platforms with those I’ve met. Killing two birds with one stone, this keeps me networking and helps me practice Social Media!

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