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2014 … The Year of BIG!

Hello welcome to 2014! I hope you had a fantastic holiday and are looking forward to a new year filled with awesomeness!
You will see our Monday Motivators featured here on our Conference website while undergoes a BIG make-over.
2014 is the year of BIG!
This year, for Monday Motivators, I want to bring you BIG ideas and take Monday Motivators to a new level. I want to not only kick-start your week … but start the work week with BIG energy. On Mondays, we tend to say to ourselves “I’ve got to get going. It’s Monday. I need to switch gears from the weekend to work.” But imagine if … on Monday morning, you and I walked in and said, “I’m going to Rock It today. I am jumping in with full energy.”

Of course, this takes a mental shift. I know this from being in a recording studio for 3 days creating 29 educational and video messages before the holidays. Often, for one video, I have 3 or 4 takes to “nail it”; to say what I want to say without a break in thought. I have to speak with over the edge energy so that I demonstrate high energy to the viewer. I have to push my vocals, raise my tone of voice, and breathe from the gut.  This takes a tremendous amount of physical and mental vigor. But the outcome is amazing. And so I started to think, what if I operated at this level 90% of the time outside of the studio? (I won’t say 100% because sometimes, for various reasons, our bodies are just tired.)

I’m sure that up to this point, you have had a good life with many ups and downs as well as many blessings. But there is still more in store for you! You can live with more purpose, passion and commitment.

I am taking you on a journey for a year. I want to be your coach and guide to living your BIG year. I’ve mapped out an entire year of topics as follows.

  • January: BIG Thoughts
  • February: BIG Goals
  • March: BIG Energy
  • April: BIG Focus
  • May: BIG Learning 
  • June: BIG Staying Power
  • July: BIG Reflection
  • August: BIG Actions
  • September: BIG Resilience 
  • October: BIG Accountability
  • November: BIG Gratitude 
  • December: BIG Outcomes & Celebration

Before we jump into taking action, we need to start with a little self-assessment. Sometime this week, answer the following questions and be sure to watch the video I’ve provided. Feel free to share this with any co-workers or friends.

  1. What did I want to do in 2013 that I did not do?
  2. Why didn’t I do it? Was it because of outside circumstances or my own thinking?
  3. What did I succeed in?
  4. What do I want to pursue to a greater degree this year?
  5. Where are my biggest strengths?
  6. What do I promise to do right this year?
  7. When it comes to family and friends, what do I wish the most would happen? How will I make that happen?
  8. How can I WOW myself this year?
  9. What is my motto for this year?
  10. What old attitudes do I need to drop?
  11. In what ways can I create more physical energy for myself?
  12. One area of my financial arena that I need to improve is _________.
  13. Who are the most important people in my life? How can I connect with them more often?
  14. What is most important to me in life?
  15. What values are important to me?

Did you notice how most of the questions above have the word “I”? That means you have to be accountable for your own actions. It’s about you taking ownership of your life, even when circumstances throw everything out of whack.

Make it an exciting week.


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