Today’s executive assistants and administrative assistants are empowered to make decisions, lead teams, facilitate peer training, be a catalyst for change, and truly be a strategic business partner to management. What skills and attitudes does it take to operate at this higher level and meet the demands of the ever-changing workplace? As an administrative professional, how do you embrace these new responsibilities? How can you successfully work around barriers and roadblocks?



Is a vital component of empowerment. How do you build your confidence? By taking on more challenging assignments; setting stretch goals; doing things that are uncomfortable like speaking in front of a group; tackling tough assignments; leaning into differences of opinion vs. hiding behind email; gaining knowledge; practicing the very things you are afraid to do; being open to feedback and self-correcting; surrounding yourself with an inner circle who will support you and call you on the carpet when necessary; experiencing wins even if they are small ones.



Is the bridge from fear to freedom. You are going to have to be courageous and break through the barriers and paradigms that are preventing you from being more successful in the workplace. Fear can prevent you from progressing in your career and in your personal life. It prevents you from opening up to experiences which could be rewarding. It hampers your receptivity as an individual. It has a way of becoming a “monster” if you let it fester because the more you think about the thing you fear doing, the worse it seems. When fear stands in the way of you becoming all you can be, learn to make it work for you, not against you.

“ Courage is resistance to fear; mastery of fear- not absence of fear.” – Mark Twain



Is the third ingredient to the formula of empowerment. A person can have courage and confidence, but not be competent. Competence is proficiency or ability in a specific skill area. What skills do assistants need to develop to project empowerment and to feel empowered?

  • Confident communications
  • Decision making
  • Risk taking
  • Persuasion
  • Conflict management
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Leadership
  • Executive presence
  • Identifying and managing fear

Our 2019 administrative conference speakers will give you the strategies to gain confidence, be courageous and develop competence in several critical skill areas as mentioned above. Our presenters, including Joan Burge, are individuals who live and embrace empowerment. They know what it takes to get there and they know what to do in times when they feel “less empowered.” One of our keynote thought leaders on empowerment, Lisa Olsen, says “Empowerment is a process; a path; a journey that develops as we work through it.”


Top 5 Reasons Executive Assistants and Administrators Choose Joan Burge’s “Event of Distinction” and Office Dynamics International


Joan Burge’s visionary championship for the profession; Office Dynamics International’s outstanding 29-year reputation for robust skill establishment; personal connection with each attendee; career of choice commitment; professionalism and that unmistakable touch of class!


Intimate speaker-attendee ratios foster warm interactions; attendees create bonds and friendships lasting well beyond the event!


Credible, compelling speakers offer a vigorous wealth of information relative to the profession and tied to the conference theme!


Engaging activities; dazzling entertainment; an event refined to perfect distinction!


Location, location, location!

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