Be The Best You Can Be Today, Tomorrow And In The Future

[Guest Blog Submitted by Cathy Baker, Executive Assistant, Nationwide Insurance]


I am very excited about the upcoming 20th Annual Office Dynamics Conference – “Bold & Balanced”.  The title says it all ….. Balancing your Career. Your Life.   WOW!! What a dynamite theme.


As a 4th time conference attendee, I welcome the opportunity to network with other administrative assistant professionals.  The ability to share best practices, talk through challenges and meet new colleagues and friends is never ending.  I encourage each of you to take full advantage of all of the events, speakers, and networking sessions that are being offered.  You will feel enriched, empowered and on top of the world after attending the conference.  The Office Dynamics Conference continues to provide me with techniques, insights and philosophies in how to better my relationship with my executive and team members.  The information I receive is invaluable to me both professionally and personally.


If I can sum it up in one statement “Be Bold and Balanced, be the best you can be today, tomorrow and in the future”.



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