Building a Better Team at The Conference for Administrative Excellence


When a company chooses to send multiple team members to a professional development conference, they are demonstrating their commitment to the success of their business and their faith in the people they send. The act alone says so much. If you’re one of a group of team members selected to attend a conference with your peers, you should take advantage of the opportunity to solidify your relationship with your team. Any time a relationship is strengthened, everything around it grows stronger too. You may come to the event as four separate individuals, but hopefully, you’ll aim to leave as one strong team.

Here are some tips for how you can maximize the experience and strengthen your team:

  • Rely on each other. Share all of the notes, perceptions, and insights each of you gain during the event. Every team member will hear something different. That’s a plus! Use that difference of perspective to absorb even more information.
  • Network as a team. Seek out other assistants who have come to the conference as a team. See if you can learn more about their experience both in the office and at the conference. Get their contact information so you can stay in touch with them after the event is officially over.
  • Huddle at the end of every day. Use the end of the day to circle up as a team and discuss things while they are fresh in your mind. Listen to your team members and ask questions about what they heard and how they think your company could utilize tools and strategies learned during the conference.
  • Take the time to get to know your team on a deeper level. Even though you work together every day, you may know very little about the team members with whom you travel to the conference. Seize the chance to get to know more about them and connect with them.
  • Set clear goals for the conference. What are you hoping to achieve as a team? What specific skills or knowledge do you want to gain? Having clear goals will help you stay focused and get the most out of the conference.
  • Plan ahead. Make sure you know the schedule and plan out which sessions you want to attend as a team. It can also be helpful to designate a team leader who will be responsible for coordinating the group and making sure everyone is on track.
  • Take advantage of networking opportunities. Conferences are a great chance to meet people in your field and make connections that can benefit your team. Be sure to attend any networking events and make an effort to strike up conversations with other attendees.
  • Follow up after the conference. Once you’re back at the office, take some time to debrief as a team and discuss what you learned. Share any notes or materials you gathered and think about how you can apply what you learned to your work.
  • Take breaks and have fun. A conference can be intense and it’s important to take breaks to recharge and relax. Plan some downtime or activities that allow your team to have fun and bond together.
  • Encourage team members to try new things. Conferences often have a variety of sessions and workshops to choose from, so encourage team members to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. This can help them learn and grow, and it can also foster teamwork and collaboration.
  • Seek out team-building activities. Many conferences offer team-building activities or challenges as part of the program. These can be a great way to build trust and teamwork within your group.
  • Use the conference as an opportunity to develop leadership skills. Conferences often feature keynote speakers and industry experts who can offer valuable insights on leadership. Encourage team members to listen and learn from these leaders, and think about how they can apply what they learn to their own leadership style.
  • Reflect on the experience. After the conference is over, take some time to reflect on what you learned as a team. What were the highlights? What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them? By reflecting on the experience, you can continue to build and strengthen your team even after the conference is over.

Overall, the key to building a better team at a conference is to approach it with a collaborative mindset. By working together and supporting each other, you can make the most of the experience and return to the office feeling energized and ready to tackle new challenges.

Attending the Conference for Administrative Excellence as a team is a fantastic opportunity for professional development and team building. Not only will you have the chance to learn from industry experts and network with your peers, but you’ll also have the opportunity to strengthen your team and come back to the office feeling energized and ready to tackle new challenges. If you’re interested in sending an administrative team to the conference, be sure to contact us for group pricing and discounts. Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in the success of your business and your team.

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