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Creativity Increases Productivity for Executive and Administrative Assistants

Why is creativity so important?

Scientists believe that we use only 2-3% of our brains. The creative thought process is based upon the idea that your brain has the ability to create an infinite number of ideas, combinations and relationships. Like a kaleidoscope, your brain can form, reform and reform again multiple patterns. These patterns and combinations create the new relationship we call “ideas.”

Creativity should be important to you. It’s a wonderful skill that will help you at work and at home.

You can use your creativity to:

• Improve communications
• Make your job easier
• Become more valuable to your organization
• Get more organized
• Solve a problem
• Make a better decision
• Reduce costs
• Plan
• Build strong teams
• Develop a new product
• Give better customer service

Creativity can make your job more fun! It taps into your “inner child.” Most adults may not be willing to admit, but, we all still have an inner child. Creativity increases productivity and makes your work more enjoyable  as it relieves boredom, especially when doing mundane tasks. It helps you have a more positive outlook when facing a problem. And in today’s workplace of constant change, it helps you conquer the challenge of change!

The brain has the capacity to take in, process, and program more than 600 memories each second for 85 years.

That’s 36,000 each minute…

2,160,000 each hour…

Over 51,840,000 every day of your life!

Wow—imagine what accessing your creativity every day can do for you! Learn more and practice exercising your creative muscle at the Office Dynamics 21st Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence in Las Vegas September 30 – October 3, 2014.

Joan Burge

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