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Reasons to Attend a Live Virtual Conference for Assistants

Live Virtual Conference for Assistants

When you envision a conference for assistants, you typically imagine rooms filled with speakers addressing the latest developments in the administrative industry, vendors showcasing products that make office life easy, or attendees meeting up for engaging discussions. 

While COVID has impacted that reality, it has also provided an exciting new opportunity to learn, engage, and connect. Our 27th Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence has transformed into a live virtual learning experience that does just that. 

We all know conferences are great events for professional development, continuing education, and networking—but compared to an in-person conference event, why should you attend a virtual conference, and most importantly, why should you attend ours over the other assistant conferences available?

Assistant Conference Costs

Virtual conferences can offer cost and time savings. Attending an in-person assistant conference often requires travel, hotel accommodations, transportation, and food expenses. The cost can add up to several hundred or even thousands of dollars for your employer or yourself. Add to that the scheduling conflicts, disruption caused to your work schedule, or travel issues, and virtual conferences can be a cost-effective and convenient alternative.

Typically, registration to attend our conference can run upward of $1,800. However, this year, registration to attend our live virtual conference is $395 before August 31, 2020, and $495 from September 1 through October 27 (the first day of our conference.)

The huge amount of savings increases the likelihood of getting approval for training and development

Assistants Can Attend Conference from Home or Their Office

Attending an in-person conference means you have to deal with the added chaos of completing certain tasks in time so that your absence does not affect your office and executive.

When you attend a virtual conference, you can access it from anywhere. If your executive is concerned with the impact a few days to a week’s worth of travel will have on your workload or theirs, virtual conferences are the perfect alternative. You can receive the same professional development and skills-building while attending from your office’s conference room or, for those working remotely, the comfort of your home.

With our virtual conference for assistants, attendees won’t receive pre-recordings of each speaker’s session. They will experience the event live, in real-time. They will also receive on-demand recordings of each speaker session after the conference has ended.

Because, we understand that duty calls, and sometimes you can’t control where the day takes you. We also can appreciate the fact that many assistants enjoy rewatching speaker sessions to revisit strategies, processes, and efficiencies shared. 

The learning resources do not end there. Our assistant conference attendees also receive access to a digital workbook with information for each session before the start of the conference, which can be downloaded and printed.

Virtual Networking at Assistant Conferences

There’s a common misconception that without the in-person aspect of attending a conference, the networking opportunities are not as powerful. However, many virtual conference platforms provide the same level of interaction, if not better.

With a virtual conference, you can still visit exhibit booths and chat with attendees and speakers. Except, rather than coordinating schedules or tracking down fellow attendees in a large convention hall, you get to do so from wherever you are. 

Assistants attending our conference will be able to enter discussions with other attendees who may share the same challenges and ideas via one-on-one chat rooms, and even swap contact information should they want to keep in touch after the conference. The networking doesn’t end there, assistants will also be able to enter intimately sized virtual Q&A session rooms with session speakers after they’ve presented.

Additionally, the cool exhibits you’ve come to expect from our conference will still be present. Attendees can visit virtual booths to view videos, purchase products, and network. 

The Top Reasons to Attend Our Virtual Assistant Conference 

  • The ability to attend a fun, energizing, and career-catapulting event for a fraction of the cost, and from the comfort of your home or office. 
  • Experience the sense of community that comes with interacting with other assistants who share your same drive for personal development, challenges, and ideas. 
  • Enhanced networking opportunities with attendees and session speakers via one-on-one chat rooms and intimately sized virtual Q&A sessions.

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