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6 Steps to Administrative Assistant Team Building

administrative assistant team building

Are you teaming with your administrative peers?

Whether there are two administrative professionals in your office or 200, joining forces with each other will contribute to greater success for your organization. Whether your title is executive assistant, office coordinator, administrative assistant or administrator, you want to come together as a united front.

When administrative professionals work together, there is less duplication resulting in savings to the company and increased profitability. You can learn simplification techniques from each other, gain a new perspective, add freshness to your ho-hum routine and even share technical shortcuts.

There are many benefits to administrative assistant team building with your organization – here are 6 steps on how to get started.

#1: Be interested in people. You create synergy with your administrative peers when you show a sincere interest in them. What do they like to do inside and outside work? Do they have a hobby? Do they like to travel? Sometimes, it is just learning the basics about peers. Also be interested in their challenges at work as well as their areas of expertise. Is there a hot project they are involved in? Do they work out at the company fitness center? Be interested in whether they are having a bad day and show understanding and empathy. Help them achieve their goals. When you help others achieve their goals, they win and the organization wins which ultimately affects you!

#2: Mentor

  • Sharing your wisdom with a fellow employee will teach you the skill of training through explaining how to do certain tasks. You will also master the art of coaching through offering constructive criticism.
  • Set an example of professionalism: demonstrate a strong work ethic to a mentee who is eager to follow your lead.
  • Be prepared to give and take. For a mentor, that may require you to be patient and juggle a hectic schedule while answering questions your mentee will undoubtedly have.

#3: Welcome Input
Input comes in various forms… it can be where you get input in ways of information; input on your performance; input on the meeting you just hosted; input on a technical shortcut; input on an idea you have; input on what you wore to work today.

#4: Celebrate Your Peers’ Success
Far too often, administrative professionals have a reputation of displaying jealousy. This does not look good in the eyes of management and diminishes the profession. When you are strong and confident within yourself, you should easily rejoice in the success of a peer. When a peer comes to you and says, “I am so excited; I achieved completing this entire 8-week class.” You say . . ., “Great job! I admire your commitment to your education.”

#5: Share
Be willing to share all your great knowledge. Think about the number of years you have worked, all the places you have worked, the people you have met and your wealth of knowledge. Don’t be stingy! If you know a shortcut, then say, “Hi Madison! I learned a great shortcut in Outlook. Would you like to see it?”

#6: Trust your colleagues
It is true that some assistants have been burnt. We have heard stories of where an assistant open up or shared all kinds of information, only to be hurt or feeling overworked. If and when that happens, move on. Don’t let one or two incidences hold you back from building a good relationship with other administrative peers.

What are some strategies you and your administrative peers use to build stronger teams in your organization? I’d love to hear your ideas. Share in the comments below.


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