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How to Build a Collaborative Team

The Cisco Systems Administrative Team at the Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence
The Cisco Systems Administrative Team at the Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence

Take The “Star” Approach to Partnering With Your Administrative Co-Workers

When I am at companies teaching full-day workshops to the administrative and executive assistants, I often hear: “At my company there is lack of cooperation and teamwork among the administrative community. What can I do to improve our work atmosphere?”

You can play a key role in influencing your administrative peers to create a healthy workplace that is filled with trust, respect and cooperation. The tools you need to create a more professional atmosphere are the four components of my Star Achievement Series® philosophy: skill, attitude, teamwork and strategy. This is how to begin building your collaborative team!

Skill – Enhance Communication Skills.

Your willingness to take on the challenge of creating a healthy work environment is commendable. This is a great way for you to strengthen your communication and consensus building skills.

Attitude – Lead the Way by Projecting a Positive Image.

What image does the administrative and support staff project to management? Are you and/or your coworkers seen as a positive or negative influence at work? Be conscientious of the image you project throughout the day. Positive attitudes and actions are contagious. Set the stage by being a positive role model for your coworkers. Be optimistic, create a climate of trust, and see the opportunity behind every obstacle.

Teamwork – Build Rapport With Your Coworkers.

Get to know your coworkers on an informal basis to build their trust. Schedule lunch with key administrative peers that can help create a positive culture. Talk about your concerns and strategy for improving the work environment. Ask for their feedback, listen to concerns, discuss barriers, and brainstorm ideas. Build a united team that can use their influence to create a professional work environment. Encourage team decision making and be willing to compromise to resolve issues.

Strategy – Set Your Goals.

Help facilitate a culture of teamwork. Determine how you can open the lines of communication and build relationships with the administrative staff. Set goals so that you can focus your efforts in the appropriate direction.

Use these strategies and share your story. I’d love to hear how they worked out for you.

Is there anything you would like to add on how to build a collaborative team?


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