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Professional Development Conference Tips


Once you researched and determined what conference is best for your professional development, you have approval, and sent off your registration, how do you prepare for those few days packed full of beneficial information?

During my attendance experience at the Conference for Administrative Excellence, I not only learned valuable best practices but also discovered a few conference-related tips each year.

I’d like to share some of the tips I have learned and how I am preparing for this year’s conference; The Empowered Assistant:

  • Review the agenda carefully and research each speaker, their experience and conference-specific topic they will share. Highlight/take note of areas that really speak to you and the education that fits your interest. I have already started my note journal and highlighting!
  • Have you heard about the Joan Burge Innovation Award? Office Dynamics is excited to announce this first-time session whereby a few conference participants will be able to “show” what they have done that would represent being innovative. Empower yourself and others by sharing your innovative ideas! Click here for all the details and remember the deadline is September 15th, so submit your description and interest to Melia Amira soon!
  • Be prepared to discuss your current concerns about your work projects and seek input or share tips and resources that you use daily with other attendees. Share your knowledge!
  • Prepare some ice breaker questions, ask others what they are most proud of currently, what they are working on, how they balance life and work, etc. These are men and woman who most likely know exactly what you struggle with and achieve daily!
  • Ask questions and interact as much as you can. Even if this makes you a bit uncomfortable, you’ll regret NOT interacting! You will be with your peers, your team…get to know them and share ideas!
  • Visit the success store and take advantage of mingling opportunities during breaks and meals.
  • TAKE NOTES – practice your best notetaking skills and record important quotes, tips and information from the speakers and from your peers! Review them each evening to make sure you captured everything from that day.
  • Plan on attending the Joan Burge Gala. Don’t miss out on extra time with your peers, the speakers, Joan, and others! This is an opportunity to relax a little and have more conversations! Plus, you have an opportunity to dress up (this year’s fun theme is Denim & Diamonds)!
  • If traveling, pack lightly…just a suggestion, but don’t stress just, a few outfits, the essentials and a book or two, your journal or notebook and business cards to share.
  • Pick up brochures or cards from speakers and sign up for their newsletters if they offer links.

Office Dynamics offers a great article and information about getting approval to attend an upcoming conference. Please note that less than 20 seats are remaining for The Empowered Assistant conference. It’s known as the event of distinction for a reason and always sells out!

I highly recommend attending an Office Dynamics hosted conference:

  • To open resource doors.
  • Continue your education about your industry and position.
  • Learn time-saving tips that will benefit you long after you return to work.
  • Network and meet some amazing woman and men; inspire and be inspired!
  • Share your enthusiasm with your team when you return to work.
  • Implement what you learned into your daily or weekly routine.

I am really looking forward to attending this year’s conference! Who else is super excited about the speakers, new content, gala, and opportunities to get to know the other attendees?? If you plan on attending, please connect with me! If you are not able to attend this year, I highly recommend discussing future attendance with your manager.

Let the countdown begin to The Empowered Assistant; October 15th will be here in a flash!

Dana Buchanan has 20 plus years of administrative professional experience with a passion for writing that offers a unique and professional perspective to a variety of projects. She enjoys sharing what she has learned from work experience, conferences, workshops, and other professional and personal development opportunities. Her blog topics include interviewing tips, career best practices, evaluation outlines, and the importance of self-care & goal-setting. Dana is available to speak to small groups & coordinates workshops to encourage others by sharing professional and personal enrichment tips and goal-setting action plans. She recently published a goal-focused journal guide and creating additional versions which will be available soon.


You can discover new & archived posts by following Dana’s blog at Success Encourager and connect via Instagram (successencourager) to discover more tips and encouraging quotes.

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