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What skills does an administrative or executive assistant need?

Conference for Executive Assistants

What skills does an administrative or executive assistant need to focus on to maintain a competitive edge? Or better yet, be way ahead of the game in their profession?

You may think technology. While that is important, let me tell you the big secret as to what executives, Human Resources leaders, and organizations are expecting of their administrative staff. They are: Collaboration and Creativity. Over the past two years, I have repeatedly heard the need for these skills for assistants from managers, executives, and HR professionals. Our conference theme for 2014: Collaborate, Create and Connect… Expand Your Influence.

Collaboration is NOT the same as teamwork. You will learn the differences at our conference. If you want some immediate answers on the differences, just search “collaboration.” Connecting is different and greater than networking. To meet the demands of today’s business world and your role as an administrative assistant or executive assistant, you must learn to develop authentic relationships.

We have several amazing speakers who are going to walk you through creativity and I have a fun pre-conference activity for you to prepare to bring to the conference related to creativity.

Be ahead of the administrative crowd and increase your value to your organization.  I look forward to greeting you at Red Rock Resort in September.

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