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9 Reasons Why you Need to Attend the Office Dynamics 2020 Conference For Administrative Excellence


We know administrative and executive assistants have many options today for administrative conferences; many more than existed 10 years ago and even 5 years ago. Here is why you need to attend the Office Dynamics Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence in 2020.

  1. You need the most up-to-date information on your career. We all know the administrative profession is changing at a rapid pace. Because of our involvement in working closely with top organizations, executives, managers, and assistants, we are on the cusp of what you need to know for your profession.

For example, we recently learned that the CEO of a large corporation in California is requiring the assistants in their organization to learn business acumen. This CEO is also requesting assistants to learn leadership and creativity.

Additionally, we will be telling you about the latest business trends that are impacting all employees such as:

  • Have you heard of 3D Branding? It takes the concept of personal branding to an entirely new level.
  • Truly differentiating yourself from the crowd.
  • Video will become more prominent in the future as a communication tool.

In 2020, we are delving into the administrative profession and providing attendees with the most relevant information to be successful in 2020 & Beyond.

  1. Understand how Artificial Intelligence will affect your profession. Leni Miller, President of Executive Assistant Search in California will be speaking on a pertinent subject: Will AI replace assistants? We know you will find her insights invaluable.
  1. Future-proof your career. As the publisher of Executive Secretary magazine, Lucy Brazier travels the world talking to assistants. She is eager to share with you what the future will bring and the skills to meet business demands.
  1. Our speakers are hand-picked by me, Joan Burge. I take great care in selecting the best speakers for administrative professionals. I know your world inside and out. I seek presenters who are knowledgeable and provide robust information that can be used immediately. I also look for speakers who employ excellent presentation skills to keep audiences engaged and energized.
  1. There is great benefit to attending an intimate administrative conference. We host 350+ assistants. Our conference is just big enough to give you exposure to assistants from around the world representing a variety of industries and size business, yet we are small enough that you can build long-term relationships. You don’t get lost in the crowd.
  • In addition to networking at breaks and lunch, we provide an annual teambuilding event on the first day so attendees get to know each other immediately. Our team building sessions have purpose, passion, and specific outcomes.
  • Our Gala is really special. Each year, we select a theme for our Gala to engage attendees in the fun! In 2020, we are hosting a fabulous Ghostly Gala. Aside from the theme, we create an environment at our Gala whereby attendees can let their hair down and just be themselves. This creates an entirely different level of bonding which goes beyond the conference.
  1. For the first time, Vickie Sokol-Evans who is the guru on technology tips for Microsoft, Google, and Apple, is going to customize her presentation to the needs of our attendees! About one month out from our conference start date, we will survey assistants on what they need help with and Vickie will do her best to cover specifics. This is really cool stuff!
  1. Learn how to become an invaluable business partner and confident leader. Hallie Warner, co-author of The Founder and The Force Multiplier will teach you how to:
    1. Lead without a title
    2. Manage up
    3. Build a strategic partnership
  1. You will hear innovative ideas from your peers. In 2019, I created the Joan Burge Innovation Award. Assistants are always coming up with great ideas or methods for streamlining processes. It is only right to give recognition to these trailblazers. You will learn some best practices from assistants who have made a difference in their company. You might even be a trailblazer. You can learn more about the award and application process here.
  1. We are simply the best! What can I say? We’ve earned our bragging rights:
  • 26 years of experience hosting our annual conference that has been labeled as the ‘Event of Distinction.’ We have this down pat. We know the magic formula for engaging, energizing, and educating assistants in an intimate environment that is full of surprises.
  • 30 years as the industry pioneers in training and developing administrative professionals. In 2020, Office Dynamics will be celebrating its 30-year anniversary. Why wouldn’t you want to learn from the most experienced and respected organization in the administrative training industry?
  • We treat you like family. Our team doesn’t sit on the sidelines just running an event. We personally assist you and treat you like family. We engage with you and even party with you at Gala. I love to personally greet each conference attendee at our Welcome Reception. You are not just a number. When you become a part of the Office Dynamics family, we are with you for life!

I hope to see you in Las Vegas October 27 – 30, 2020.

Joan Burge, Founder and CEO

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